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<dd class="notedate">Posted on 18 September 2008‎ </dd>
<dd class="notedate">Posted on 18 September 2008‎ </dd>

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Set unit position rules. This command will not change the stance of the human player, even though it will change the output of unitPos command. To change player stance use playAction or playActionNow: player playAction "PlayerProne"; // DOWN player playAction "PlayerStand"; // UP player playAction "PlayerCrouch"; // MIDDLE
Unit Control


unit setUnitPos mode
unit: Object
mode: String - Can be:
  • "DOWN" - Unit goes prone and stays prone.
  • "UP" - Unit stands and stays standing.
  • "MIDDLE" - Kneel Position. Logo A1 black.png1.04 - Unit will not kneel if it is unarmed
  • "AUTO" - Unit chooses mode according to circumstances.
Return Value:


Example 1:
_soldier setUnitPos "UP";

Additional Information

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Only post proven facts here! Add Note
Posted on 18 September 2008‎
Command most likely only works if run before join into group after createUnit.
Posted on 11 March 2011
The above comment by Dwarden about 'an additional join required' is no longer true for Operation Arrowhead.
Posted on 26 September 2013‎
A unit might not always go prone when ordered to setUnitPos "DOWN", if the unit doesn't agree with the command. To force the unit to go prone, stop the unit from firing by setCombatMode "BLUE" and then order the unit to prone.