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Set unit position rules. This command is the lowest level of priority for setting unit position and to be used in scripted FSM's. Priorities are:
  1. Unit pos commanded (from the commanding menu, higher priority).
  2. Unit pos scripted (from setUnitPos scripting command, medium priority).
  3. Unit pos FSM / setUnitPosWeak (used in the formation FSM, lowest priority).
Unit Control


unit setUnitPosWeak mode
unit: Object
mode: String - Can be:
  • "DOWN" - Unit goes prone and stays prone.
  • "UP" - Unit stands and stays standing.
  • "MIDDLE" - Kneel Position. Logo A1 black.png1.04 - Unit will not kneel if it is unarmed
  • "AUTO" - Unit chooses mode according to circumstances.
Return Value:


Example 1:
_soldier disableAI "FSM"; _soldier setUnitPosWeak "DOWN";

Additional Information

See also:
FSM doFSM setUnitPos unitPos


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