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Introduced with Arma 3 version 1.321.32Arguments of this scripting command don't have to be local to the client the command is executed on
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Checks if a turret is local.

Some info on turrets: A vehicle turret will change locality when player gunner gets in it, just like vehicle changes locality when player driver gets in it. Many commands for turrets work only where turret is local. When gunner leaves turret it is supposed to change locality to the locality of the vehicle.


vehicle turretLocal turretPath
vehicle: Object
turretPath: Array
Return Value:
Boolean (or, prior to Arma 3 v1.93.145625, Nothing if the turret is non-existent)


Example 1:
_isLocal = vehicle player turretLocal [0];
Example 2:
if (heli turretLocal [1]) then {heli setVehicleAmmo 1};
Example 3:
if (isNil {heli turretLocal [5]}) then {hint "Turret 5 is non-existent"};

Additional Information

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