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The first level of Invaders

Invaders is a minigame in the Arma 3 main menu. By default, it is only available during Arma 3 Steam sales. Completing the minigame unlocks the Arma Invaders achievement and turns the Arma 3 logo in the main menu golden.

Invaders first appeared during the Bohemia Interactive Publisher Sale 2022 (Arma 3 logo black.png2.10).

A New Game+ mode and player vehicle swap to the T-100X railgun tank were added in Arma 3 logo black.png2.14.


Action Default Keybinding Controls Option
Move left A Infantry Movement > Strafe Left
Move right D Infantry Movement > Strafe Right
Shoot Space Common > Use Default Action

Known Issues

  • Invaders does not start if Arma 3 is launched with mods that modify the main menu (unless they were whitelisted: ACE).
  • Sometimes pressing Space opens the Steam overlay; close the Steam overlay and click on a non-interactive part of the main menu.
    This might be related to Alt + ↹ Tab usage, with ↹ Tab moving the focus and Space clicking the selected button.


The Invaders minigame can be opted out of (or back in) by executing the following code (for example with the Debug Console in the Eden Editor):

Opt out of Invaders Opt in to Invaders

The following code can be used to activate and play Invaders regardless of ongoing Arma 3 sales:

Override default behaviour Restore default behaviour
/* Possible values: 0: deactivate Invaders 1: set a 'lite' sale promotion mode 2: activate Invaders */ profileNamespace setVariable ["BIN_ArmaInvadersOfflineBypass", 2]; saveProfileNamespace;
profileNamespace setVariable ["BIN_ArmaInvadersOfflineBypass", nil]; saveProfileNamespace;