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« There is a myth that remnants of an ancient civilization lies underwater near the coast of Altis » – Arma 3 loading screen

"Atlantis" can be found at 150068 (source)


Altis also has its (nicer) Stonehenge with a decorative skull on the top, located in the North-East corner of 144061 at Cape Makrinos.

Rocky hideout

A hidden hideout (and what is supposedly its owner's skeleton) can be found at 080094 (source)


TRPASLIK is written with rocks on the bottom of the sea at 229061 (source) Trpaslik is Altis' Environment Designer (REPORT IN).


Pirate hideout

« According to legend, there is a hidden cave somewhere on the coast of Stratis, rumored to contain treasures hidden by the Arabian pirates. » – Arma 3 loading screen

The mentioned Pirate Cave is located at 042073 (how-to video)

V-22 Osprey wreck

The V-22 Osprey wreck found South of Stratis airport (coordinates 014047) is a nod to Arma 2's vehicle (video)

Malden 2035


Same as in Operation Flashpoint, Malden 2035 has its own Stonehenge, located in the North-West corner of 058101 coordinates.

Dedicated to Paul “Bushlurker” Pelosi (1960-2017)

The Bushlurker Monument

« In the beginning, there was no clutter... Only bushes... »

At 027074 lays a monument in tribute to Paul “Bushlurker” Pelosi (1960-2017) who has worked on many community terrains, including Malden for CWR2. He passed away some months before Malden 2035's release.

The statue itself was made by Kiory and announced on the forums, and was later implemented officially.

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