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The Splendid Camera is available in Eden Editor and Debug Console. It can be used to capture scenes, look around the map or create splendid screenshots.


A3 Splendid Camera.jpg
Ctrl + P Take a screenshot with screenshot command. More information's in the link
F1 Open the debug console. When pointing at a target, it is stored to variable BIS_fnc_camera_target which you can freely manipulate with
Left Mouse Button Camera Movement
Right Mouse Button Camera rotation and pitch
Ctrl + Right Mouse Button Camera banking
Space Teleports player under the cursor
M Toggle map
Ctrl + X Export camera params
Ctrl + C Copy camera parameters (Can be used in BIS_fnc_camera)
Ctrl + V Paste camera parameters
ESC Exit

It is also possible to shot a screen via Steam (default F12). See Steamworks Documentation for more information.

Changeable Controls

W S A D Q Y Translational movement
⇧ Shift RShift ⇧ Speed modifier
NUM - Zoom out
NUM + Zoom in
NUM 5 Reset view
2 4 6 8 Look around
N Toggle vision mode
Toggle interface

Save & load positions

Positions, including camera parameters can be stored by pressing Ctrl + 0..9. One a position was stored it can be loaded by pressing the number key of the slot is was saved in.

Use of BIS_fnc_camera

Exporting positions by pressing Ctrl + C results in the following format:


0: String Island name
1: Position Position of the camera
2: Number Direction of the camera
3: Number FOV
4: Array [Pitch,Bank]
5: Number Focus
6: Number Aperture
7: Number Daytime
8: Number Overcast
9: Number Acctime
10: Number Brightness
11: Number Contrast
12: Number Saturation

Calling BIS_fnc_camera with the exported array will automcatically open the camera and move to the given position with given parameters.

["Paste",["Stratis",[6111.09,4434.62,32.4268],242.722,0.7,[-35.7576,0],0,0,721.084,0.3,0,1,0,1]] call BIS_fnc_camera;


The camera comes also with the possibility to change the appearance of the current scene by allowing the player to change various parameters.


Changes the distance between the virtual lens and the sharp area of the photo. Default AUTO


Defines how much light enters the virtual lens. A higher value means less light, but a photo which is sharp even in the corners. A low value means it’s only sharp in the center and gradually becomes unsharp.


Changes the brightness of the photo.


Changes the contrast of the photo.


Defines how vivid the photo will be. Zero means black/white.


Time of the day in format 0-24h.


Defines how cloudy the scene will be.


Defines the simulation time of the scene. Zero means no movement

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