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Project Creation

  • Start the Workbench either through Steam (Tools > Arma Reforger Tools > START) or by double-clicking ArmaReforgerWorkbenchSteam.exe located in the Workbench installation directory.
    The following screen will appear:
    armareforger modsetup-launcherwindow-reforgerfound.png
    This interface displays existing projects known to Workbench and will later display the current creation; an existing project is openable by selecting it and clicking Open to edit it.
  • Click "Create New" to open the project creation interface
Vanilla Arma Reforger
Modded Arma Reforger
  • Enter the project's name
    • the project's name can only contain letters, numbers, spaces and the following symbols: - (dash) _ (underscore) and . (dot).
  • Confirm or edit the project's location
    Be sure to pick a location where the current Windows user has write permissions (e.g C:\Users\Username\Documents - not C:\Program Files).
    The default project directory's location is %userProfile%\Documents\My Games\ArmaReforgerWorkbench\addons; the default project name (and directory name) is New Enfusion Project - it can only contain letters, numbers, ampersands, spaces, dashes, dots and underscores.
  • Pick the project's dependencies:
    • dependencies are other projects (and/or mods) on which the current project relies to work
    • a project cannot be loaded if a dependency is missing
    • the dependency link is one-way: a dependency does not need the current project in order to be loaded
    • Arma Reforger is a default dependency: an Arma Reforger mod needs Arma Reforger data to run properly
  • Click "OK" to create the project.

Et voilà ! The project is created and the Workbench is waiting for input.

The addon.gproj file can be renamed to have a more fitting name; the project will then need to be re-added to the Projects list on Workbench opening.


Arma Reforger project is not found in the Projects window

armareforger modsetup-launcherwindow-reforgernotfound.png

  1. Click "Create New" to bring the following pop-up
    armareforger modsetup-reforgernotfound.png
  2. Browse to ArmaReforger.gproj (located in <Arma Reforger installation directory>\addons\data\ArmaReforger.gproj) and select it - the Workbench will confirm the proper setup
    armareforger modsetup-reforgerfound.png
  3. Arma Reforger project is now listed in the Projects window.
    armareforger modsetup-launcherwindow-reforgerfound.png
Be sure to use the adequate Workbench to open the corresponding data. Using default Workbench to open e.g Experimental branch data may result in errors!