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The Workbench is the Tools suite provided on Steam for users to mod Arma Reforger. It can be found in Steam's Tools category, under the name Arma Reforger Tools.

It provides access to the following tools:

See Mod Project Setup for mod project setup information.

General Information


A Workbench link is composed of the enfusion:// protocol, the Module to open, eventually an addon ID, the relative file path and eventual parameters:

  • enfusion://ResourceManager/~ArmaReforger:Configs/Factions/BLUFOR.conf
  • enfusion://ScriptEditor/scripts/Game/Editor/Containers/UIInfo/SCR_UIInfo.c;8
  • enfusion://WorldEditor/worlds/arland/arland.ent;3458.4,34.5587,2820.21;-15.107,297.881,0;46247
Module Parameters
ResourceManager N/A
  • file line number
  • camera's world position (x, y, z)
  • camera's angles (x, y, z) - angles in -180..+180 range, z is always 0
  • entity ID - to select a specific entity

Links can be prefixed with; the Enfusion Engine website provides a redirection for platforms that do not see enfusion:// as a valid protocol (e.g Discord).