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Introduced with Arma 3 version 1.50


Class containing a list of all scripted functions and commands which can be remotely executed by BIS_fnc_MP / remoteExec / remoteExecCall on server or client machines. Can be defined in Config.cpp or in campaign's or mission's Description.ext. The most local variant is used. See also CfgRemoteExecCommands.


class CfgRemoteExec
       // List of script functions allowed to be sent from client via remoteExec
       class Functions
               // State of remoteExec: 0-turned off, 1-turned on, taking whitelist into account, 2-turned on, however, ignoring whitelists (default because of backward compatibility)
               mode = 2;
               // Ability to send jip messages: 0-disabled, 1-enabled (default)
               jip = 1;
               /*your functions here*/
               class YourFunction1
                      allowedTargets=0; // can target anyone (default)
                      jip = 0; // sending jip messages is disabled for this function (overrides settings in the Functions class)
               class YourFunction2 { allowedTargets=1; }; // can target only clients
               class YourFunction3 { allowedTargets=2; }; // can target only the server
       // List of script commands allowed to be sent from client via remoteExec
       class Commands
              /*your commands here*/
              class YourCommand1 { allowedTargets=0; jip=0; } // can target anyone, sending jip is turned off (overrides settings in the Commands class)


Posted on January 1, 2016
  • As BIS_fnc_MP now uses remoteExec, there are some functions spontaneously called by the game core that require whitelisting in order to work if class Functions is set to mode = 1; class BIS_fnc_effectKilledAirDestruction {}; class BIS_fnc_effectKilledSecondaries {}; class BIS_fnc_objectVar {};
  • For initPlayerServer.sqf to work, BIS_fnc_execVM would need to be whitelisted, but that should be avoided at all costs, as it allows hackers to bypass the whitelist.

  • For the debug console to be able to execute anything (even locally), BIS_fnc_debugConsoleExec must be whitelisted. This function only works when its remoteExecutedOwner is admin, so it is safe to whitelist for everyone.

  • remoteExec and remoteExecCall are filtered by BattlEye's remoteexec.txt, the string analyzed by BE is formatted the same way as the following example's output: format ["%1 %2", functionName, str params] The following remoteexec.txt exclusion can be used to safely allow all whitelisted *_fnc_* functions taking an array as parameter to go through: !="\w+?_fnc_\w+? \[.*\]" Any attempt to exploit this exclusion using other RE methods like createUnit will run into "Error Missing ;" without any malicious code being executed. Mod makers should refrain from remote-executing raw commands from clients, as they require individual exclusions, and instead use *_fnc_* functions taking an array as parameter, which are covered by the above exclusion.