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Kolgujev looks like a mountain peak coming out from the sea. It is littered with destroyed villages and dead trees, lending it a somewhat dark atmosphere.



A noticeable thing about Kolgujev is that the towns on the map have no names at all. The towns to the east are all destroyed. There are no large towns on Kolgujev, but the island has many military bases. Most bases look identical, being only different in size.

A destroyed village

On the most eastern part of Kolgujev, protected by towers and 2 layers of fencing there is Guba's residence.

Guba's Residence

Terrain & Foliage

Cliffy shores
View from mountain peak

The entirety of Kolgujev is covered with pines, bushes, rocks and spruces. The terrain is very hilly, and in the centre there is a mountain peak. There are also some lowlying marshlands.

Real Kolgujev

Name of the island is based on a real island in the Barents Sea. However, the topographic map belongs to Tenerife island.

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