Splendid Camera

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Screenshot simulator included as part of Eden editor.

Useful to find good camera positions for movie scenes you wish to shoot.

F12: Take a screenshot (The PC screenshot button produces only a black image) F1: Open the debug console. When pointing at a target, it's stored to variableBIS_fnc_camera_target which you can freely manipulate with.

LMB: Camera Movement

RMB: Camera rotation

Ctrl + RMB: Camera banking

space: teleport player under crosshairs

Backspace/H: Toggle overlay (useful for screenshots)

M: Toggle map (shows all existing units)

N: Toggle vision mode

- , + : Increase, decrease FOV

Ctrl + X: export camera params

copies into the clipboard in the following format:

["Paste",["Stratis",[6111.09,4434.62,32.4268],242.722,0.7,[-35.7576,0],0,0,721.084,0.3,0,1,0,1]] call bis_fnc_camera;

which when executed in-game will initiate Splendid Camera and move the camera to that position. Useful for recording locations you want to return to later.

["Paste",["ISLAND NAME",[camera x,y,z coords],dir,fov,[pitch,bank],focus_qtr,aperture,daytime?,overcast, acctime, brightness, contrast, saturation]] call bis_fnc_camera;

Ctrl + C: copy camera params

copies into the clipboard in the following format:


useful to gaining the camera location to insert in a script you are writing.

Ctrl + V: paste camera params

moves camera to params currently in the clipboard.