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Wakes up sleeping PhysX object or puts a PhysX object to sleep. In 2.10 this command can be used on corpses of type Man and has no effect on alive units. When unit gets killed it goes into ragdoll state for a short while, then the units get frozen and any simulation and collision is removed to save system resources. As a result, corpses do not react to their surrounding any more. Using this command will temporarily re-enable ragdoll state of a corpse to the same state it was when unit died. If this command is used in "enable/disable" sequence on a dead body, it gives the corpse a visible nudge (See example 3).
This command won't have lasting effect on vehicles as vehicles are actively simulated, but it works rather well on smaller PhysX enabled objects.
Object Manipulation


object awake awake
object: Object - PhysX object or dead unit
awake: Boolean - true to awake the object, false - to put it to sleep
Return Value:


Example 1:
_object awake false;
Example 2:
Since 2.10:
_deadUnit awake true;
Example 3:
Make corpse react to explosion (since 2.10):
_deadUnit addEventHandler ["Explosion", { params ["_unit", "_damage"]; if (_damage < 0.01) exitWith {}; _unit awake true; _unit awake false; }];

Additional Information

See also:
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