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An object with its vectorDirVisual, vectorUpVisual and vectorSideVisual (vectors not to scale)

Returns an object's direction vector in world space and render time scope.

The vector is not necessarily normalized. The magnitude of the vector depends on the object's scale.

For an object facing one of the cardinal directions on perfectly flat ground (parallel to the XY-plane of the world space), vectorDirVisual returns simple values:

  • [0, 1, 0] if the object is facing directly north
  • [1, 0, 0] if the object is facing directly east
  • [0, -1, 0] if the object is facing directly south
  • [-1, 0, 0] if the object is facing directly west
Math - VectorsRender Time Scope


vectorDirVisual object
object: Object
Return Value:
Array format Vector3D


Example 1:
_vecDirVis = vectorDirVisual MyObject;

Additional Information

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