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Basics of data manipulation

If you're new to Enfusion Modding, below you'll find a short list of tutorials, ordered by difficulty, that should get you started modding and creating new assets in Reforger:

  • Weapon Modding - Introductory tutorial for beginners, showing basics of creating modded weapon with custom textures, sounds and behavior
  • Car Modding - This tutorial expands the knowledge gathered in Weapon Modding tutorial by providing some information about modifying of existing vehicles, changing wheeled simulation parameters or adding turrets.
  • Faction Creation - Intermediate difficulty tutorial explaining character gear retexture, creating new character prefabs with custom gear, integrating such factions into Game Master and Conflict game modes and more
  • Prop Creation - Intermediate difficulty tutorial explaining importing of new asset - prop - into the game, creating colliders for it, creating custom actions, procedural animations and Game Master integration
  • Weapon Creation - Advanced tutorial explaining importing of new asset - weapon - into the game, creating weapon, magazine and ammo prefabs, Game Master integration and creating new animations
  • Character Gear Creation - Advanced tutorials explaining importing of new character equipment (rigging/skeleton creation), creating colliders for it and configuring protection of the equipment
  • Car Creation - Advanced tutorial explaining importing of new asset - car - into the game, creating new car prefab, tweaking vehicle simulation parameters, Game Master integration