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The Menu Bar is displayed at the top of the Workspace. It contains almost all available actions and tools in the Eden Editor, sorted into logical categories.


Option Description
New Open a dialog to create a new scenario
Open Open a dialog to choose a scenario to open
Save Save the current scenario. If it has not been saved yet, open a dialog to save the scenario with specific name.
Save As Open a dialog to save the scenario with specific name.
Publish to Steam Workshop Open a dialog to publish the current scenario to Steam Workshop.
Export Export the scenario to specific format.
Exit Close the Eden Editor.


Option Description
Undo Undo the last operation. You can see the list of all operations in the editing history panel.
Redo Redo previously undone operation. You can see the list of all operations in the editing history panel.
Select All on Screen Select all entities which have icon visible in the current view.
Transformation Widget Toggle specific transformation widget.
Grid Toggle one of specific grid types:
  • Transformation
  • Rotation
  • Area Scaling
Vertical Mode Toggle Vertical Mode.
Toggle Surface Snapping Toggle Surface Snapping.
Toggle Waypoint Snapping Toggle waypoint snapping.
Phase Select scenario phase.
Asset Type Select asset browser mode.
Toggle Asset Sub-type Select asset browser submode.


Option Description
Center on Random Position Move view to random location in the world. Positions on land and not in a forest are preferred.
Center on Player Move view to player's position.
Toggle Map Show / hide the map.
Toggle Map Textures Show / hide map background texture.
Vision Mode Enables Night Vision and Thermal Vision modes in the editor scene
Toggle Flashlight Toggle light which is snapped to the camera. Useful for editing night scenarios when you don't want to use night vision mode.
Toggle Location Labels (3D) Toggle town labels in the scene. Map labels will remain unaffected.
Search Commence search in of the the lists:
  • Search in Asset Browser
  • Search in Entity List
Interface Show / hide specific interface element.
  • Entity List
  • Asset Browser
  • Controls Hint
  • Navigation Widget


Option Description
Preferences Open editor specific settings
Video Options Open game video options.
Audio Options Open game audio options.
Game Options Open general game options.
Controls Open controls settings.


Option Description
General Open general scenario attributes
Environment Open environment scenario attributes
Multiplayer Open multiplayer scenario attributes
Garbage Collection Open garbage collection scenario attributes


Option Description
Debug Console Open debug console.
Functions Viewer Open the functions viewer.
Config Viewer Open the config viewer.


Option Description
Play in Singleplayer (SP) Play the scenario in singleplayer. If a server is running in the background (as a result of starting the preview in multiplayer previously), you will be asked to shut it down.
Play in SP with Briefing Play the scenario in singleplayer, but show briefing at the start.
Play in SP at Camera Position Play the scenario in singleplayer, but teleport player to the current camera position. If the player is not in a flying vehicle (i.e., a plane or helicopter), the position on the ground below the camera will be picked instead.
Play in Multiplayer Play the scenario in multiplayer. If no server is running yet, you will be asked to set up one.


Option Description
Documentation A link to Eden Editor.
Scripting A link to Scripting Commands Arma 3.
Community Wiki A link to the Wiki.
Forums A link to forums.bistudio.com/forum/161-arma-3-editing.
Feedback Tracker A link to feedback.arma3.com.
Dev Hub text= A link to dev.arma3.com.
Tutorials Open the list of in-game tutorials.