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Only available in Development branch(es) until its release with Arma 3 patch v2.18.


Returns various properties for the given entity. Most properties should be checked where entity is local
Object Manipulation


getEntityInfo entity
entity: Object
Return Value:
Array in format [isMan, isAnimal, isDeadSet, deadSetTime, lastEntityCausingDamage, lastDamageTime, isUpsideDown, upsideDownTime, isStopped, canFloat, hasTerminalOpened, isWeaponholder, isWreck, isSmoking, isSetForDeletion], where:
  • 0 - isMan Boolean - true if the entity is a man
  • 1 - isAnimal: Boolean - true if the entity is an animal
  • 2 - isDeadSet: Boolean - true if the entity has dead flag set. Often has the same value as !alive, but is not the same, as alive checks the total damage.
  • 3 - deadSetTime: Number - for how long the entity was dead
  • 4 - lastEntityCausingDamage: Object - objNull or the entity that last caused damage to this entity. Is not the same as the killer but could be the same. Killed entity might not have this set either. The entity does not have to be dead in order to have last entity that caused damage assigned.
  • 5 - lastDamageTime: Number - how long ago was lastEntityCausingDamage assigned
  • 6 - isUpsideDown: Boolean - true if the entity is upside down. The engine considers this to be vectorUp ent select 2 < 0.3
  • 7 - upsideDownTime: Number - how long the entity was upside down.
  • 8 - isStopped: Boolean - true when the entity does not need to be actively simulated.
  • 9 - canFloat: Boolean - true if the entity is able to float on water.
  • 10 - hasTerminalOpened: Boolean - true if the UAV terminal is opened for the given entity.
  • 11 - isWeaponholder: Boolean - true if the entity is weaponholder.
  • 12 - isWreck: Boolean - true if the entity is wreck.
  • 13 - isSmoking: Boolean - true if the entity has smoke and fire destruction effect active.
  • 14 - isSetForDeletion: Boolean - true if the entity was set for deletion, but is not yet removed from the simulation.
In multiplayer, following values update properly only when entity is local:
  • lastEntityCausingDamage
  • lastDamageTime
  • isStopped

Other values are either static or update depending on how your client sees the entity right now.

Timer values are never exact between clients and vary slightly depending on latency, JIP clients end up with large timer values close to game's time but get normal once associated value changes again:

  • deadSetTime
  • lastDamageTime
  • upsideDownTime

Alternative Syntax

entity getEntityInfo index
entity: Object
index: Number - property index (see main syntax, 2 - isDeadSet for example)
Return Value:
Anything - depends on the requested property, or Nothing


Example 1:
private _entityInfo = getEntityInfo ent1;
Example 2:
private _isMan = ent1 getEntityInfo 0;

Additional Information

See also:
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