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| [[Array]] - format [[PositionAGLS]] |= Return value
| [[Array]] - format [[PositionAGLS]] |= Return value
| s2= origin '''getPos''' [distance, heading]         ''Since Arma 3 v1.55.133361'' |= Syntax
| s2= origin '''getPos''' [distance, heading]         (''Since Arma 3 v1.55.133361'') |= Syntax
|p21 = origin: [[Object]], [[Position2D]] or [[Position3D]]|=
|p21 = origin: [[Object]], [[Position2D]] or [[Position3D]]|=
|p22 =  [distance, heading]: [[Array]]|=
|p22 =  [distance, heading]: [[Array]]|=

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Posted on 16 Feb, 2007
getPos obj select 2 might return the vertical position above ground level, but for a stacked object, it returns the vertical position above the object beneath it. The same problem exists for getPosASL. There was a discussion thread in the BIS forums which suggested the use of the command modelToWorld instead to get around this issue where an absolute vertical position is required. ArmA Ver 1.02.
Posted on 14 Dec, 2010
This command returns a PositionAGL. Apparently, Position and PositionAGL are the same thing.
Posted on 6 Feb, 2011
The z height returned changes dynamically with the height of waves beneath the object, if the object is located over sea. The z height returned by getPosATL and getPosASL does not change like this. This was tested by continuously retrieving the position of a static object, like the cross in the empty/corpses category, placed over sea or land. getPos behaves similar to _obj modelToWorld [0.0, 0.0, 0.0] but it does not give the same result, therefore (_obj modelToWorld [0.0, 0.0, 0.0]) is not the same as (getPos _obj).
Posted on 23 Nov, 2011
You can use getPos and setPos on triggers.

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