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Return the value of variable in the variable space of given object or location.

All available data types combinations:


varspace getVariable name
varspace: Namespace, Object, Display, Control, Group, Location, Task or Team Member
name: String - Variable name that was defined in setVariable (Case sensitive)
Return Value:
Anything or Nothing if the variable doesn't exist

Alternative Syntax

varspace getVariable [name, defaultValue]
varspace: Namespace, Object, Display, Control, Group or Team Member
name: String - Variable name that was defined in setVariable (Case sensitive)
defaultValue: Anything - Value to return if variable doesn't exist
Return Value:
Anything or defaultValue if the variable doesn't exist.
Note: If the varspace is nonexistent (objNull, grpNull, controlNull ..etc), return is nil


Example 1:
_thePublicVariable = _myTruck getVariable "myPublicVariable";
Example 2:
_aLocalVariable = _myTruck getVariable ["myLocalVariable", ["Not set", _var]] select 1;
Example 3:
for "_i" from 0 to 5 do { _car = missionNamespace getVariable ("car" + str _i); _car setDamage 0; }; Sets damage of car0, car1, ..., car5 to 0.
Example 4:
myMissionVar = 2015; missionNamespace getVariable "myMissionVar";//Returns 2015
Example 5:
WARNING when using dynamic default value: missionNamespace getVariable ["var", 123 call fnc_abc]; /// fnc_abc is always called even when var is defined
Example 6:
Get current value of a variable and if it is undefined, define it and get the defined value:private _var = missionNamespace getVariable "varName"; if (isNil "_var") then { missionNamespace setVariable ["varName", 123]; _var = 123; }; // _var here will contain current value of the variable varName

Additional Information

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Bottom Section

Posted on August 13, 2016 - 17:13 (UTC)
Warning: the alternative syntax returns undefined when the varspace is an object and that object is null. Example:
_test = objNull getVariable ["test","0"]; systemChat _test; Errors because _test is undefined. Tested in A2OA 1.63.131129