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Checks if the given group marked for auto-deletion when empty. See deleteGroupWhenEmpty.
It might take up to a minute for the groups marked for auto-deletion when empty to get deleted when they become empty.
This command is only a getter for the deleteWhenEmpty flag in createGroup command or deleteGroupWhenEmpty command. All it does is it shows what the flag was set to during group creation. True does not mean the group will be deleted but that it was suggested to the engine that it should be deleted. It is up to the engine how it manages groups. False does not mean that the group will not be deleted at all. It has no influence on the engine functionality whatsoever.


isGroupDeletedWhenEmpty group
group: Group
Return Value:
Boolean - true the group is marked for auto-deletion when empty


Example 1:
_isMarked = isGroupDeletedWhenEmpty _group;

Additional Information

See also:
deleteGroup deleteGroupWhenEmpty createGroup group setGroupId groupID units groupFromNetId netId leader selectLeader join createCenter createUnit createVehicle Side


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