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This article covers Arma series/military-related words as well as common lingo.

See ArmA: Selection Translations for Arma-related internal Czech words.
Type Name Meaning Description/Notes Scope
Abbreviated PID Positive Identification Certainly the target is a hostile/objective IRL
Abbreviated PAC Package military personnel IRL
Abbreviated BLUFOR Blue Forces friendlies, in Arma means Western forces (e.g. US, NATO) IRL
Abbreviated OPFOR Opposing Forces enemies, in Arma means Eastern forces (e.g. Soviet, CSAT) IRL
Alias Independent Independent (Forces) In Arma means third-world forces, local forces and/or guerillas (e.g. FIA, CDF, AAF). Sometimes called “INDFOR”, “GREENFOR” unofficially Arma
Abbreviated CIVPOP Civilian Population IRL
Abbreviated CASEVAC Casualty Evacuation IRL
Abbreviated MEDEVAC Medical Evacuation IRL
Abbreviated MRAP Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle e.g Hunter, Ifrit in Arma 3 IRL
Abbreviated HVT High Value Target IRL
Abbreviated IED Improvised Explosive Device unconventional, usually hidden explosive charge IRL
Abbreviated SITREP Situation Report IRL
Abbreviated BIS Bohemia Interactive Studios expired name - see BI Company
Abbreviated BI Bohemia Interactive (ex Bohemia Interactive Studios) Company
Abbreviated BISim Bohemia Interactive Simulations (ex Bohemia Interactive Australia) Company
Abbreviated RACS Royal Army Corps of Sahrani Armed Assault INDFOR Armed Assault
Abbreviated SLA Sahrani Liberation Army Armed Assault OPFOR Armed Assault
Abbreviated NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATO IRL
Abbreviated CSAT Canton Protocol Strategic Alliance Treaty Arma 3 NATO counterpart mainly composed of Iran and China Arma 3
Abbreviated AAF Altis Armed Forces Altis military Arma 3
Slang Greenbacks AAF soldiers NATO soldiers' derogatory slang Arma 3
Abbreviated LZ Landing Zone An area where a helicopter or similar can land IRL
Abbreviated LDF Livonian Defense Force Livonia military Arma 3
Abbreviated CAS Close Air Support Air strike to support ground forces by fixed/rotory wings IRL
Abbreviated CAP Combat Air Patrol Sentry airspace by fighter jets to protect airspace IRL
Military term Fixed Wings Planes IRL
Military term Rotary Wings Helicopters IRL
Abbreviated HE High Explosive Type of shells; Explosive rounds IRL
Abbreviated AP / APERS Anti Personnel IRL
Abbreviated AP Armor-Piercing Type of shells made to penetrate armored targets IRL
Abbreviated APDS Armor-Piercing Discarding Sabot Type of shells made to penetrate armor - "classical" Sabot ammunition IRL
Abbreviated APFSDS Armor-Piercing Fin-Stabilized Discarding Sabot Type of shells made to penetrate armor - thinner and longer than APDS Sabot, more "dart"-like IRL
Abbreviated ERA Explosive Reactive Armor Type of armor; protect vehicle by explode itself when got hit by a shell IRL
Military term Soft skin Less-protected/armored vehicles IRL
Military term Fast mover Fighter jets IRL
Military term Blue on Blue Friendly fire IRL
Abbreviated FF Friendly Fire IRL
Abbreviated IFF Identification Friend or Foe IRL
Abbreviated FIA Freedom and Independence Army Arma
Location Altis A fictional country in Arma 3 Republic of Altis and Stratis, located in Mediterranean Sea Arma 3
Location Horizon Islands A fictional country in Arma 3 Tanoa is the part of this country, located in Southern Pacific Arma 3
Location Livonia A fictional country in Arma 3 Located in Suwałki gap IRL, part of NATO Arma 3
Location Chernarus A fictional country in Arma 2 Located in the coast of fictional sea Green Sea, former Russian Empire and a part of Soviet Union Arma 2
Location Takistan A fictional country in Arma 2 Located in the coast of fictional sea Green Sea Arma 2
Location South Zagoria A fictional region in Arma 2 AKA Chernarus (Terrain) Arma 2
Abbreviated UAV Unmanned Air Vehicle AKA Drone IRL
Abbreviated UCAV Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle AKA Combat Drone IRL
Abbreviated UGV Unmanned Ground Vehicle AKA Drone IRL
Abbreviated ATV All Terrain Vehicle IRL
Slang Chedaki ChDKZ Arma 2
Abbreviated ChDKZ Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star Черноруссии движения к красной звездой
(Chernorussii Dvizheniya k Krasnoy Zvezdoy) in Russian
Arma 2
Military Term Alpha Victor Armored Vehicle In phonetic code Arma 3
Abbreviated AA Anti-Air IRL
Abbreviated AAA Anti-Air Artillerly AKA Triple-A IRL
Military Term Fox Two Fired an Infra-red Air to Air missile IRL
Military Term Fox Three Fired an Active radar-guided Air to Air missile IRL
Abbreviated SVBIED Suicide Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device AKA Suicide Car Bomb IRL
Abbreviated FAK First Aid Kit IRL
Location Nadbór A fictional region in Arma 3 AKA Livonia (Terrain) Arma 3
Abbreviated QRF Quick Reaction Force IRL
Abbreviated CDLC Creator DLC AKA Third-Party DLC Arma 3
Abbreviated GM Global Mobilization Arma 3 Creator DLC: Global Mobilization - Cold War Germany Arma 3
Abbreviated RV Rendezvous (point) IRL
Abbreviated RV Real Virtuality Game engine for Arma series, the latest version (v4) being used in Arma 3 BI
Abbreviated OFP:CWC Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis Or simply OFP, AKA OPF. Former name for Arma: Cold War Assault and trademarked by Codemasters Operation Flashpoint
Abbreviated Arma: CWA
Arma: Cold War Assault New name for OFP: CWC since 2011, renamed after copyright issue Operation Flashpoint
Abbreviated OFP:R Operation Flashpoint: Resistance Operation Flashpoint: Resistance
Abbreviated OFP:RH Operation Flashpoint: Red Hammer Codemasters-made Soviet perspective campaign. Not included in Arma: CWA nowadays Operation Flashpoint
Alias Arma Arma (Game series name) Arma - means War, or Weapon in Latin. See The Name Tale blogpost. Arma
Abbreviated ArmA Arma: Armed Assault Not to be confused with Arma, which designates the game series and/or games Armed Assault
Abbreviated A1 Arma 1 (Armed Assault, see ArmA) Armed Assault
Abbreviated ArmA:QG ArmA: Queen's Gambit Armed Assault
Abbreviated A2 Arma 2 Arma 2
Abbreviated A2OA Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead Or simply OA Arma 2
Abbreviated Arma 2 OA Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead Or simply OA Arma 2
Abbreviated A3 Arma 3 Arma 3
Alias 3DEN Eden Editor New editor introduced with the Eden Update Arma 3
Military Term AAR After Action Review Reviewing past actions to understand potential mistakes and ways of improvement IRL
Abbreviated ASAP As Soon As Possible Quickly, in emergency IRL
Military Term Click Kilometre e.g “enemy, one click, North”, “half a click East” IRL
Abbreviated AR Automatic Rifleman IRL
Abbreviated AT Anti Tank IRL
Abbreviated IR Infra-Red IRL
Abbreviated UXO Un Exploded Ordnance Bombs/shells that didn't explode properly and still have a risk of detonation. Call an expert when you find one. In Arma 3, UXOs are seen often in the Ground Zero of a Cluster bomb IRL
Abbreviated UXB Un Exploded Bomb See UXO IRL
Abbreviated IHL International Humanitarian Law Rules that needed to respect even in a war, AKA Jus in bello IRL
Abbreviated ICRC International Committee of the Red Cross AKA Red Cross, Red Crystal or Red Cresent IRL
Abbreviated IDAP International Development & Aid Project Fictional NGO, ICRC counterpart for Arma 3 Arma 3
Abbreviated LoW Laws of War Arma 3 Laws of War DLC Arma 3
Abbreviated GBU Guided Bomb Unit IRL
Abbreviated LGB Laser Guided Bomb IRL
Abbreviated JTAC Joint Terminal Attack Controller Forward operator who guides an CAS and other fighter/attacker jets operation IRL
Military Term Strafing Attacking ground enemies by aircraft-mounted guns IRL
Foreign Word Gendarmerie French MP Also designates Horizon Islands' MP in Arma 3 IRL
Abbreviated MP Military Police IRL
Abbreviated IRL In Real Life IRL
Abbreviated SP Single Player IRL
Abbreviated MP MultiPlayer IRL
Foreign Word Bundeswehr German Army IRL
Foreign Word Luftwaffe German Airforce IRL
Abbreviated HALO High Altitude Low Opening AKA HALO jump, stealthy paradrop insertion used by special operators IRL
Military Term Paradrop Parachute drop IRL
Abbreviated SpecOp Special Operators
Special Operations
Abbreviated COIN Counter Insurgency IRL
Abbreviated EW Electronic Warfare IRL
Abbreviated EMP ElectronicMagnetic Pulse A pulse that disables most of the electric devices in an area IRL
Military Term Callsign Anonymized name to be used in radio calls IRL
Unique Term Armaverse The Universe of the Arma Arma
Abbreviated PMC Private Military Company
Private Military Contractors
Unique Term ION, Inc, A fictional PMC in Armaverse Arma
Abbreviated FOB Forward Operation Base IRL
Abbreviated CIWS Close In Weapon System Weapon system to destroy enemy aircraft/missiles to defend ally fleets IRL
Abbreviated VLS Vertical Launch System Weapon system to launch missiles vertically from fleets IRL
Abbreviated CBRN Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Formely known as NBC IRL
Alias Futura Arma 3's working title Future in Latin. Also appears as pbo names' suffix _f Arma
Alias Orange Arma 3 Laws of War's working title Named after Amsterdam Studio and Dutch “orange culture” Arma
Abbreviated CSLA Czechoslovak People's Army In Czech, Československá lidová armáda, in Slovak, Československá ľudová armáda.
AKA ČSLA, also may referred to Arma 3 Creator DLC: CSLA Iron Curtain.
Abbreviated SOCOM
United States Special Operations Command Unified Combatant Command of all US special units of the US Army, US Air Force, US Navy and US Marine Corps IRL