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Introduced with Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead version 1.56
  Effects of this scripting function are not broadcasted over the network and remain local to the client the function is executed on

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Introduced in

Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead


Plays in-game video with a range of options. The function can be called or spawned. If spawned, scriptDone command can be used to see if video is stopped or finished. If called in scheduled environment, the next line of code will not process until the video is stopped or finished.

The function also calls "BIS_fnc_playVideo_started" and "BIS_fnc_playVideo_stopped" Scripted Event Handlers in missionNamespace (see BIS_fnc_addScriptedEventHandler)

The video can be stopped in variety of ways: When using skip variable do not forget to reset it to nil or set it to false after use. To play video in object, like monitor screen, set it as texture on the object, move UI screen away and start playback (see Example 3)


[content, size, color, skipVarName, bgColor, keepAspect] spawn BIS_fnc_playVideo
content: String - Full path to .ogv file
size (Optional): Array - Screen size in format [x, y, w, h]. Default: [safeZoneX, safeZoneY, safeZoneW, safeZoneH]
color (Optional): Array - Foreground color in format [r, g, b, a]. Default: [1,1,1,1]
skipVarName (Optional): String - missionNamespace variable to skip the video when variable is true. Default: "BIS_fnc_playVideo_skipVideo"
bgColor (Optional): Array - Background color in format [r, g, b, a]. Default: [0,0,0,1]
keepAspect (Optional): Boolean - true to keep original video aspect ratio (background color will fill the void), false to stretch. Default: true
Return Value:
Boolean - true


Example 1:
_video = ["A3\Missions_F_EPA\video\A_in_intro.ogv"] spawn BIS_fnc_playVideo;
Example 2:
_video = ["\a3\missions_f_exp\video\exp_m04_v01.ogv"] call BIS_fnc_playVideo;
Example 3:
_video = "a3\missions_f_exp\video\exp_m07_vout.ogv"; _screen = "Land_TripodScreen_01_large_F" createVehicle (player modelToWorld [0,10,0]); _screen setObjectTexture [0, _video]; [_video, [10, 10]] call BIS_fnc_playVideo;

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