Eden Editor: Custom Composition

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Apart from pre-defined groups and compositions, you can save and share your own.

To save a composition, select entities in the scene, click right mouse button on one of them and pick Save Custom Composition option.

3den customCompositionSave.gif

A window will be opened where you can set name, author and category for your composition.

In the list on the left, you can either chose to create a new composition, or overwite one of the existing ones. This way, you can edit already created compositions.

Once created, you can find your compositions in Compositions > Custom. Place it as any other entity - either select it and then click in the scene on desired position, or drag it from the list to the scene.

Vertical mode defines how will the composition be placed.

  • Terrain Level - composition will be snapped to the surface underneath. Please note that objects which are placed on another objects may no longer be positioned precisely.
  • Sea Level - the composition will be placed exactly as it was saved, ignoring surface slope.

To edit composition's attributes, double-click on it or select it and click on the Edit button. It will open a window where you can change name, author and category again.

Local Files

Compositions are saved in Compositions folder in your Profile directory.

They can be shared freely - if you pack a composition folder into *.zip file and make it available for download, people who place the unpacked composition to their compositions folder will have it available as well.