Spearhead 1944 Known Issues and Workarounds

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Known Issues and Workarounds

Vehicle class SPE_Module_Indirect_Fire_Support no longer exists

Unfortunately an unintentional class name change slipped into 1.0.1 hotfix - please excuse the mishap!

We will revert the class name change in the next update, but will retain these temporary test classes for backwards compatibility. In simple terms - no change from your end needed with the next update!

Simple solution:

  1. Load the mission in Eden
  2. Force load despite the missing class
  3. Place the module again and configure it as desired

Advanced solution:

  1. Locate your mission folder
  2. Make a backup of your mission (copy the folder to another location)
  3. Open the mission.sqm in a text editor - best with a good one like Notepad++ or similar
  4. Search for below terms and replace them (one by one or mass replacement)
 SPE_Module_AI_Systems => SPE_Module_AI_Systems_Hotfix
 SPE_Module_Indirect_Fire_Support => SPE_Module_Indirect_Fire_Support_Hotfix
  1. Save the mission.sqm file
  2. Export your mission again/upload to workshop

Vehicle class SPE_Module_AI_Systems no longer exists

See one above.

IFS module is not fully working

Add the following code in the init.sqf

[] spawn { // Wait for other initializations sleep 15; // Fix for clients not initializing scripts if (!isServer) then {[] call SPE_MissionUtilityFunctions_fnc_IFS_Init}; // Fix for null variable on clients if (isServer) then {publicVariable "SPE_IFS_availableCalls"}; // Fix for AI not utilizing supports if (isServer) then { if (isNil "SPE_IFS_AmountMultiplier") then { SPE_IFS_AmountMultiplier = [[0.33,0.5,1],[0.33,0.5,1]]; }; publicVariable "SPE_IFS_AmountMultiplier"; }; // Fix for player respawn if (hasInterface) then { player addEventHandler ["Respawn",{_this spawn SPE_MissionUtilityFunctions_fnc_IFS_onPlayerRespawn}]; }; };

Random headgear assigned to units

To disable headgear randomization, insert the following code in the unit's init field:

this setVariable ["BIS_enableRandomization", false];

AI gets spawned inside bocage objects

As of version 1.0.1 bocage objects have building positions. They were originally added to support the destruction states of the bocage.

Now scripts/missions may spawn AI inside them due to building position often used by spawning AI script. Unfortunately the AI inside can't get out and can hardly get killed.

If you have access to the scripts that work with buildings positions you can filter out/exclude these bocage objects like this:

private _validBuildings = _nearBuildings select {!(_x isKindOf "spe_bocage_base")};

In the example _nearBuildings would be a list (array) of objects.

Usually AI spawning scripts are putting units inside building they will have something that looks like this:

_nearestObjects = nearestObjects [_position, ["BUILDING","HIDE"], 100]; _objectsWithBuildingPositions = (_nearestObjects select {count (_x buildingPos -1) > 0});

or this

_nearestTerrainObjects = nearestTerrainObjects [_position, ["BUILDING","HIDE"], 100]; _terrainObjectsWithBuildingPositions = (_nearestTerrainObjects select {count (_x buildingPos -1) > 0});

You would filter then these like:

_objectsWithBuildingPositions = _objectsWithBuildingPositions select {!(_x isKindOf "spe_bocage_base")};


_terrainObjectsWithBuildingPositions = _terrainObjectsWithBuildingPositions select {!(_x isKindOf "spe_bocage_base")};

Recruited or spawned AI won't revive others / cannot get revived

Visit Spearhead 1944 Enhanced Revive for detailed information.