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Reliably broadcasts missionNamespace variable and its current value to all computers (server/client).
Variables broadcast with publicVariable during a mission will be available to JIP clients with the value they held at the time.
Such variables are persistent and sent to the JIP client before the first batch of client-side Event Scripts (such as init.sqf) is run.
Using publicVariable too frequently and/or with a lot of data can cause other aspects of the game to experience bandwidth problems.

The following Data Types are supported:

Type Number Boolean Object Group String Text Array Code Nothing (nil) HashMap
Since Operation Flashpoint1.34 Operation Flashpoint1.34 Operation Flashpoint1.34 Operation Flashpoint1.34 Armed Assault1.00 Armed Assault1.00 Armed Assault1.09 Armed Assault1.09 Arma 31.26 Arma 32.02
It is not possible (and illogical) to transfer a local entity reference, such as scripts, displays or local objects.
Also, note that Team Member is not supported.


publicVariable varName
varName: String - the global variable's Identifier
Return Value:


Example 1:
TAG_MyPublicVariable = 0; TAG_MyPublicVariable = 1; publicVariable "TAG_MyPublicVariable"; // other clients will receive the "TAG_MyPublicVariable" variable with a 1 value TAG_MyPublicVariable = 2; // needs to be broadcast again - synchronisation is not automatic
Example 2:
JIP example: if (isNil "TAG_CurrentTarget") then // has the variable already been set and broadcast? { TAG_CurrentTarget = objNull; // if not, set it on the local machine }; player doTarget TAG_CurrentTarget;
Example 3:
TAG_BossName = "EvilBigBoss"; publicVariable TAG_BossName; // wrong - will try to publicVariable "EvilBigBoss" variable, that does not exist publicVariable "TAG_BossName"; // correct - do not forget the quotes

Additional Information

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