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Introduced with Arma 3 version 1.64

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Introduced in

Arma 3


Returns Array with params for given user action id (similar to addAction param array). The output array is of the following format: [title, script, arguments, priority, showWindow, hideOnUse, shortcut, condition, radius, unconscious, textWindowBackground, textWindowForeground, selection], where:
  • title: String - action title text
  • script: String - script file or script expression assigned to the action
  • arguments: Anything or nil - arguments passed to the action
  • priority: Number - action priority on the action menu
  • showWindow: Boolean - whether the action is shown in the center of the screen too
  • hideOnUse: Boolean - whether the action menu should close after selecting the action
  • shortcut: String - action bindings to some existing engine action if any
  • condition: String - expression returning true or nil for action to appear on the action menu
  • radius: Number - max distance to entity at which action becomes available. -1 means it is engine default (~15m)
  • unconscious: Boolean - whether the action is available to unconscious person
  • textWindowBackground: String - same as textWindowBackground in setUserActionText
  • textWindowForeground: String - same as textWindowForeground in setUserActionText
  • selection: String - named selection in Geometry LOD to which the action is attached
New array element selection is available since Arma 3 v1.69.140846


entity actionParams id
entity: Object - entity with added user actions
id: Number - id of existing user action (returned by addAction or actionIDs)
Return Value:
Array or Nothing - Array of action params or nil if doesn't exist


Example 1:
_params = player actionParams 0;

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