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Introduced with Armed Assault version 1.00
  Effects of this scripting command are not broadcasted over the network and remain local to the client the command is executed on

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Introduced in

Armed Assault


Sets given event handler of in-game UI. If EH function returns true, performed action is overridden. Event handlers available are:
  • "PrevAction" - mouse scroll up
  • "Action" - action key press
  • "NextAction" - mouse scroll down
This is "set" type EH, which means it will replace previously set EH of the same type. So to remove EH, set another one with empty string "" for the function.

Since Arma 3 v1.49.131743 this EH returns array of params for selected/activated action in _this variable:
  • 0: Object - target object to which action is attached
  • 1: Object - caller object, basically player
  • 2: Number - index of the action in action menu (0 - top most)
  • 3: String - engine based action name ("User" for user added actions)
  • 4: String - localized action plain text as seen by the caller
  • 5: Number - action priority value
  • 6: Boolean - action showWindow value
  • 7: Boolean - action hideOnUse value
  • 8: String - action shortcut name or ""
  • 9: Boolean - action menu visibility (on first scroll or action press the menu is still invisible, so no action is performed, only menu is shown)
  • 10: String - EH event name


inGameUISetEventHandler [handlerName, function]
[handlerName, function]: Array
handlerName: String
function: String
Return Value:


Example 1:
inGameUISetEventHandler ["Action","hint 'Lights, Camera, Action!'; true"];
Example 2:
inGameUISetEventHandler ["PrevAction", "hint str _this; false"]; inGameUISetEventHandler ["NextAction", "hint str _this; false"]; inGameUISetEventHandler ["Action", "hint str _this; false"];
Example 3:
Deny any weapon disassembly: inGameUISetEventHandler ["Action", " if (_this select 3 == 'DisAssemble') then { hint 'You are not allowed to do this'; true } "];
Example 4:
Detect explosive/mine placement:onMagazineUse = ' params ["_target", "", "", "_action", "", "", "", "", "", "", "_event"]; if (_action == "UseMagazine") then { if (_event == "Action") then { 0 = _target spawn { waitUntil {!(all_magazines isEqualTo magazines _this)}; { 0 = all_magazines deleteAt (all_magazines find _x); } count magazines _this; hint format ["Magazine Used: %1", all_magazines select 0]; } } else { all_magazines = magazines _target; }; }; false '; inGameUISetEventHandler ["PrevAction", onMagazineUse]; inGameUISetEventHandler ["NextAction", onMagazineUse]; inGameUISetEventHandler ["Action", onMagazineUse];

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Bottom Section

Posted on May 12, 2016 - 20:51 (UTC)
In case of the "Action" event, (param 6 || param 9) also denotes if the action is performed or not. For example, if the action menu is closed or fading off, pressing Spacebar will bring it up and trigger an "Action" event; in that case, param 9 (action menu visibility) is false. But if the action menu is open, and Spacebar is pressed to perform the selected action, then param 9 will be true. If param 6 (showWindow) is true, then it means the action was performed, regardless of param 9.
Posted on February 08, 2017 - 18:53 (UTC)
Pierre MGI
This powerful command can override the actions (previous/next/action), depending on true/false return.
But, the command overrides itself, no matter of the returned value. That means, if two mods or scripts are using the same command parameter, say 'action', the last inGameUISetEventHandler 'action' will override the first one.
trigger1 : inGameUISetEventHandler ["Action","hint 'action for mod 1';true "];// true or false doesn't matter here trigger2 (delayed): inGameUISetEventHandler ["Action","false "];// true or false doesn't matter here trigger2 will run after trigger1, then, you'll never see the hint, what ever the trigger2 action code could be. What ever could be the last code, it will override all previous ones.
You have to group these codes in a same event handler.
But, beyond this, inGameUISetEventHandler is not stackable and implies a competition between scripts (or mods) using it.