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Sorts given multi-column ListNBox in the given column by either lnbText, lnbValue or lnbData in normal or reversed order, using case-sensitive or case-insensitive comparison. Unlike the older lnbSortXXX commands, this command supports UNICODE characters out of the box.
When sorting by "VALUE", the rows with the same lnbValue will additionally be sorted by lnbText in the order specified by the reversedOrder flag, text specified by `useTextRight` flag and case-sensitivity specified by `caseSensitive` flag.
  • This command supports referencing control via IDC as well, but as with any use of IDC in UI Control commands, a dialog should be present, i.e. UI user interaction is created with createDialog rather than createDisplay.
  • As this command supports UNICODE by default, which may result in slower sorting, you can switch it off with unicodeOff param.
GUI Control - ListNBox


[controlOrIDC, column] lnbSortBy [sortByType, reversedOrder, caseSensitive, useTextRight, unicodeOff]
controlOrIDC: Control or Number - the ListNBox control or its IDC
column: Number - column to sort (starts with 0)
sortByType: String - (Optional, default "TEXT") one of:
  • "TEXT"
  • "VALUE"
  • "DATA"
reversedOrder: Boolean - (Optional, default false) true for sorting in reversed order
caseSensitive: Boolean - (Optional, default false) true for using case-sensitive comparison
useTextRight: Boolean - (Optional, default false) true to sort by text right
unicodeOff: Boolean - (Optional, default false) true to switch off UNICODE conversion for faster sorting
Return Value:


Example 1:
with uiNamespace do { private _column = 1; private _lnb = findDisplay 46 createDisplay "RscDisplayEmpty" ctrlCreate ["RscListNBox", -1]; _lnb ctrlSetPosition [0,0,1,1]; _lnb ctrlCommit 0; lnbClear _lnb; { _lnb lnbAddRow [format ["Row %1", _forEachIndex], _x select 0]; _lnb lnbSetValue [[_forEachIndex, _column], _x select 1]; } forEach [["В",1], ["Я",0], ["Б",1], ["Ю",0], ["А",1]]; [_lnb, _column] lnbSortBy ["VALUE", true, false]; };

Additional Information

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