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Event listener is a special trigger, which is waiting for certain event to occur and then triggers.



  • Defines whenever the trigger is activated or not.

Execution limit

  • Number of times event listener can be triggered, -1 sets to infinite.

Listen for

  • Type of event to listen for, supported events are:
    • Interaction with entity - Waits for a interaction occurring on target entity regardless the instigator.
    • Player action - Waits for specific player action (e.g On Jump)
    • Player interaction with entity - Adds possibility to disgusting who can trigger the listener.
    • Player interaction with 2 entities - Special variant for events with 2 targets (e.g. Link / Unlink energy)

Instigated by

  • Available for player interactions.
  • Distinguishes who can trigger the listener:
    • Any player - any player will trigger the listener
    • Labeled player - player with specific entity label
    • Player role - only players with specific player role will trigger the listener
    • Player team - only players of specific [Ylands Game logic - Player team|player team]] will trigger the listener


  • Specifies the source of event the listener is waiting for.
    • Any entity - any entity.
    • Entity class - specific entity class as selected from drop down menu.
    • Entity type - specific entity type, type is defined by picking an entity from scene, entity can be then deleted.
    • Specific entity - one selected entity.
    • Labeled entities - any entity with selected entity label.


  • Defines which actions / interactions (events) the listener will wait for. It is possible to set listener to react to more that 1 event.

Event listener events

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