Ylands Game logic - Waypoint

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Reference point for AI. Governs its behavior.


  • Waypoints are linked to AI via settings of the particular AI.


  • Sets the movement of AI.
    • Stand - AI will stand on the position of the waypoint.
    • Loiter - AI will walk randomly in set area (editable setting for the area appear after Loiter is chosen).
    • Random - AI will randomly switch between multiple waypoints (waypoints can be added after Random is chosen).


  • Enables or disables Trade interaction with the entity.
  • Fires On Trade event.


  • Sets the interaction of AI.
    • None - Disables interactions.
    • Talk - Fires On Talk event.
    • Interaction - Can set custom interaction.


  • AI will always teleport to default position of selected Waypoint (when there is one set) at the start of the game.