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Introduced with Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead version1.60

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Introduced in

Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead


Sets states and/or makes an action of/on weapon. Reload time is between 0 and 1 inclusive, where 1 is 100% of maximum reloading time.


vehicle setWeaponReloadingTime [gunner, muzzleName, reloadTime]
vehicle: Object
[gunner, muzzleName, reloadTime]: Array
gunner: Object - alive and able gunner operating desired turret
muzzleName: String - muzzle on desired turret
reloadTime: Number
Return Value:
Boolean - true if given weapon is found


Example 1:
_done = _vehicle setWeaponReloadingTime [gunner (vehicle player), currentMuzzle (gunner (vehicle player)), 0.5];
Example 2:
Boosts RPM:unit addEventHandler ["Fired",{ _this#0 setWeaponReloadingTime [_this#0,_this#2,1/3] ; }] ;

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Posted on January 15, 2012
The description is confusing to me. What the command essential does is to set the reloading state/time of the given weapon. For example you can fire a missile, and make the weapon available to fire again instantly if you apply 0. Or you can delay or stop the reload event indefinitely. The 0-1 range is a percentage - the reload time is taken from the weapons's config value (either reloadTime or magazineReloadTime - not sure). The effect is one time only each - it does not modify the weapon's general reload time.

Works also for infantry weapons - probably useful weapons with longer reload time like sniper weapons or launchers: player setWeaponReloadingTime [player,currentWeapon player,0];

No idea what's point of the return value.
Posted on May 14, 2017
Note that setWeaponReloadingTime is only having effect on a current weapon state (loaded projectile) so since the projectile is fired the next one will be reverted to a weapon config defaults. To keep the fire rate speed changed over time, use this code: player addEventHandler ["FiredMan",{ params ["","_weapon","_muzzle"]; private _type = _weapon call BIS_fnc_itemType; private _time = -1; switch (_type select 1) do { case 'SniperRifle' : {_time = 0.5}; case 'AssaultRifle' : {}; case 'Handgun' : {}; case 'Rifle' : {}; case 'SubmachineGun' : {}; case 'MachineGun' : {}; case 'Mortar' : {}; case 'GrenadeLauncher' : {}; case 'BombLauncher' : {}; case 'MissileLauncher' : {}; case 'RocketLauncher' : {}; case 'Cannon' : {}; case 'Throw' : {}; }; if (_time isEqualTo -1) exitWith {}; (vehicle player) setWeaponReloadingTime [(vehicle player), _muzzle, _time]; }]; This Event Handler makes the gun of specific type shoot at a desired rate on each weapon state (sniper rifle will shoot 50% faster in this example). For more information about weapon kinds are there, visit BIS_fnc_itemType.

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