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Introduced with Arma 3 version 1.66

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Introduced in

Arma 3


Converts a number into a string, keeping the specified number of decimals. If the desired number of decimals is higher than the actual number, nulls are added to create the desired decimal length. This command is almost identical in behaviour to JavaScript toFixed()

NOTE: Converted number is never presented in scientific notation unlike with other number to string commands. Also Arma's default string conversion limits numbers to 6 significant figures, whereas with this command it is possible to preserve some extra precision. str (pi/100000); //"3.14159e-005" - scientific notation (pi/100000) toFixed 10; //"0.0000314159" - no scientific notation str pi; //"3.14159" - 6 significant figures (default) pi toFixed 6; //"3.141593" - forced to 7 significant figures pi toFixed 7; //"3.1415927" - forced to 8 significant figures Since Arma 3 v1.71.141859 an alternative syntax is added, which takes no number and returns Nothing. Instead it acts as keyword and switches engine Number to String global conversion into desired format, from the moment it is applied until the end of script. To reset output back to default at any time, use toFixed -1. For example: systemChat str position player; call { toFixed 6; systemChat str position player; }; systemChat str position player; toFixed -1; systemChat str position player; The result is:
  • [11580.3,11797.7,0.00146675]
  • [11580.341797,11797.737305,0.001467]
  • [11580.341797,11797.737305,0.001467]
  • [11580.3,11797.7,0.00146675]
Ideal to be used when saving data to a database when more precise positioning is required.


number toFixed decimals
number: Number - number to convert
decimals: Number - number of decimals to display (range 0-20)
Return Value:

Alternative Syntax

toFixed decimals        (since Arma 3 v1.71.141859)
decimals: Number - number of decimals to display (range 0-20). -1 to reset to default number of decimals
Return Value:


Example 1:
123 toFixed 2; //"123.00"
Example 2:
2.34 toFixed 1; //"2.3" 2.35 toFixed 1; //"2.4"
Example 3:
Convert position to string preserving position precision: fn_posToString = { format [ "[%1,%2,%3]", _this select 0 toFixed 8, _this select 1 toFixed 8, _this select 2 toFixed 8 ] }; str getPos player; // "[3231.05,171.802,0.00143862]" getPos player call fn_posToString; // "[3231.04882813,171.80192566,0.00143862]"
Example 4:
Same as Example 3 only using new alternative syntax:str getPos player; // "[3231.05,171.802,0.00143862]" toFixed 8; str getPos player; // "[3231.04882813,171.80192566,0.00143862]"

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Posted on September 2, 2016 - 21:56 (UTC)
parseNumber (3.56346 toFixed 4); //0.0026 ms (10000 cycles)

[3.5634,4] call BIS_fnc_cutDecimals; //0.0111 ms (10000 cycles)