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This page lists file types and their respective extensions with which Arma Reforger and the Workbench work.

Extension File Type Saved/Used by Description


Audio component Audio Editor Describe audio playback

Manages sound events:

  • event ("SOUND_SHOT", "SOUND_RELOAD" etc)
  • sound file + parameters (signals, playback rules etc)

Referenced by BaseSoundComponent children


Animation debug Animation offline debugger Binary stream format


  • 16b - File version defined in AnimDebuggerSerializationVersion
  • List of all debugged descriptors
  • For each frame list of all debug instances

File can be loaded in animation editor using Live debug tab


Animation Events Table Animation Editor Lists all events used in the animation workspace

StepEvent, SoundEvent, SynchronizationEvent, etc


Audio Final Mixer Audio Editor "Sound mixer" referenced by the .acp

Takes all the sound inputs and produces the final sound output


Animation graph file Animation Editor Contains sheets (that contain Animation Nodes) of an animation graph


Animation graph Animation Editor "root format" sheets collection with graph parameters, e.g commands, variables, IK chains, etc

Depends on .ast


Animation file Animation Editor

+ various plugins

Binary animation file


Height map (Esri grid) World Editor Height map file which can be exported or imported in Workbench (Terrain tools in World Editor)
Not used in runtime neither directly by the editor - only for import/export.


Animation Set Instance Animation Editor Bridges .anm with .ast abstract names

Depends on .ast See Animation Editor: Templates and Instances Tutorial


Animation Set Template Animation Editor Structural skeleton to be filled by .asi

Provides a list of entries to be filled See Animation Editor: Templates and Instances Tutorial


Animation Sync Table Animation Editor See Animation Editor: Sync Tutorial


Animation Workspace Animation Editor Workbench's Animation Editor "project" - saves/opens current workspace


Behavior tree Behavior Editor AI behaviour tree


Terrain data World Editor Terrain data - general terrain height map editor information


Terrain data World Editor Terrain data, height-map data for terrain tile used by the editor

(original imported height map without modifications by roads etc)


Enforce Script Source Script Editor Enforce Script Source file


Generic config Resource Manager's Config Editor


Component Template World Editor Defines an Entity Component


Texture Art Tools Source image format - other formats are also supported like png, jpeg, tiff, tga, hdr


Terrain dialogs configuration World Editor Configuration of terrain texture import/generating dialogs (height map, satellite texture, normal map)


Enfusion DDS Texture Resource Manager's Texture Editor Enfusion proprietary (extended) compressed DDS texture


Material Definition Resource Manager Defines material for 3D objects, terrain, post processes, water, sky objects etc


World Scene World Editor World contains terrain and all other objects that make up the your game world


Entity Template World Editor Defines an Entity content (prefab)


3D model source file 3D software .txo and .xob source format


Font Resource Manager's Font Viewer Font for UI widget system, binary format


Game material Resource Manager's Config Editor Definition of in-game material (properties, sound, etc)


Project-specific Settings World Editor Every Project has its own settings stored here


ImageSet Definition Resource Manager's Imageset Editor Defines a set of images by cuts from a texture


World Layer World Editor World file (.ent) can have mutliple layers stored in separate .layer files - can only be opened through the .ent file


Layout Definition Resource Manager's Layout Editor UI layout definition


Meta Information Resource Manager Every registered asset has its meta file containing asset-specific settings and asset GUID


Navmesh Navmesh Generator Tool Binary file with single navmesh instance - see Navmesh Tutorial


Package (of data) Workbench Game or Mod data archive


PA project Procedural Animation Editor See Procedural Animation Editor


Physics material Config Editor Physical material (bounciness, adherence etc)


ResourceViewer Preset Resource Browser A preset with several options to allow customization of Workbench's preview windows (usually saved in %userprofile%\Documents\My Games\ArmaReforgerWorkbench\profile\ResourceViewerPresets)


Particle System Definition Particle Editor Particle effects definition


Ragdoll Definition Resource Manager Character ragdoll file


Resource Database Workbench Resource database listing all resources in the project


Signal Audio Editor Describes the logic of playing an audio component or encapsulate manipulation parameters - this audio resource is shared among audio components


PA signal Procedural Animation Editor Describes the control logic for parts of a PA project - this resource is shared among PA projects


Soundmap data World Editor Information for music and audio effects


String Table String Editor Strings used for localization


Database Proprietary format Runtime database of stars. Contains up to 100.000 stars describing their real positions and colors

Array of Hunks (ID = "ITEM") each Hunk describes a Star object with following data:

  • Ra - Right ascension (float)
  • Dec - Declination (float)
  • ProMoRa - Proper motion in right ascension (float)
  • Parallax - (float)
  • Magnitude - Star brightness (float)
  • Color - Star color (uint32 RGBA)
  • HIP Catalog - Dummy (not used uint32)
  • Name - Star name, with max. 256 characters length

Source data


Widget Style Definition Resource Manager's Styles Editor Defines UI style


Terrain data World Editor Terrain height map information


Topography data World Editor Information for 2D map


TrueType Font Resource Browser Source font file format supported by Enfusion


Terrain data World Editor Terrain data, height-map data for terrain tile used in run time (here are baked modifications by roads etc)


Animation file Animation Editor Text animation file (source for .anm) - source animation


Model Resource Browser

+ various plugins (see Enfusion Blender Tools)

Text model file (source for .xob) - source model


Vehicle surface Config Editor Surface properties that are used inside vehicle simulation (roughness, steering noise etc.)


Supported audio file format Audio software WAV file format


Model Resource Browser Binary model file