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TokenNames common to most controls, such as x, y, w, h, text, idc... are not listed here.
  • 'Sliders' and 'ScrollBars' are synonymous.
  • Default scrollbars are vertical. Use ST_HORZ to change orientation.
  • Embedded child scrollbars are created by the engine as and when required for various control types. (CT_LISTBOX eg). The engine generates it's own idc for them. In most cases you can alter characteristics of that auto-generated scrollbar via class ScrollBar
It makes no sense to create 'independent' scrollbars without an idc.

CT_SLIDER=3 (deprecated)

Name Type Remark
coloractive color array color of the arrows.
Title/Value classes Optional and probably script only related

CT_XSLIDER=43 or Embedded Scrollbar Class

Embedded scrollbar classes (such as those in listboxes eg) use the xbox properties as per a CT_XSLIDER

Name Type Remark
arrowEmpty/Full textures
border texture
colorActive color color of the arrows.
colorDisabled color
thumb texture
vspacing float
Title/Value classes Optional probably irrelevant as script only related

Title or Value class

Name Type Remark
idc integer
colorBase color array
colorActive color array

A Slider Control
  • Example Config:
class MySlider 
  idc = -1; 
  type = CT_SLIDER; 
  style = SL_HORZ; 
  x = 0.4; 
  y = 0.2; 
  w = 0.3; 
  h = 0.025; 
  color[] = { 1, 1, 1, 1 }; 
  coloractive[] = { 1, 0, 0, 0.5 };
  // This is an ctrlEventHandler to show you some response if you move the sliderpointer.
  onSliderPosChanged = "hint format[""%1"",_this];";
  sliderPosition = 500;//Initial position when slider is created
  sliderRange[] = {50,2000};//Min and max value of the slider
  sliderStep = 1;//Size of step when dragging

Helpful Script Commands

sliderPosition, sliderRange, sliderSetPosition, sliderSetRange, sliderSetSpeed, sliderSpeed