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Making your first game with Ylands is extremely easy and it only takes few moments so... let's give it a try?

  • In Ylands Main menu click Editor tab and hit Create button
  • Fill in the name of your future awesome game and hit Finish
  • Place some objects in the scene to make it more interesting (under Entities)
  • Select Publish Game from Main menu and publish your game.
  • Select an image to represent it and add some screenshots if you want to.


You just created your first game! You can find it at


In case you don't want others to see it just yet, set the game as Private.

The chances are now you want to create something a bit more sophisticated. In that case you will need to do couple of things:

Familiarize yourself more with the Editor and its features.

The Ylands Editor is quite straightforward and you should be able to master it in no time. In doing so you may find helpful the following links:

  • Editor tutorial videos (please note that the videos were made with the older Editor version and will be updated soon. Most of the content is, however, still relevant)

Most importantly you need to realize that there are objects called Game Logic objects, which let you define various areas, show particle effects, play sounds, define user interface and, if you proceed to scripting, let you perform some very cool interactive things in your game.

Learn the Visual scripting basics

To make your game come alive you will very likely need to do a bit of scripting - but don't worry, it's super easy!

Whenever you create a new game in the editor you can, among others, open premade examples. Those were made specifically to teach you how the Visual scripting works. '

Each of those examples also has a page here on this Wiki with additional explanation - just like this one.

The rest of them can be found here.