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Returns a list of nearest mines of the given types to the given position or object, within the specified distance. If more than one mine are found they will be ordered by proximity by default, the closest one will be first in the array. The sorting can be turned off.
Object Detection


nearestMines [position, types, radius, sort, 2Dmode]
position: Object or Array in format PositionAGL or Position2D - search position centre
types: Array - list of class name of the objects to search for (uses isKindOf comparison instead of direct class name == comparison). Use an empty array [] to search for all classes
radius: Number - search range
sort: Boolean - (Optional, default true) true to sort the results closest first, false to turn off sorting
2Dmode: Boolean - (Optional, default false) true for 2D distance, false for 3D distance comparison
Return Value:
Array - found mines as array of Objects


Example 1:
nearestMines [player, ["MineBase"], 20];
Example 2:
nearestMines [position player, ["DirectionalBombBase"], 500, true];
Example 3:
nearestMines [[2716,2949,0], ["APERSTripMine_Wire_Ammo", "APERSMine_Range_Ammo"], 100, false, true];
Example 4:
Return every mine in 50 metres radius around player sorted by distance:
nearestMines [player, [], 50];

Additional Information

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