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Unknown control type.

Related commands & functions

Related User Interface Eventhandlers

Alphabetical Order

TokenNames common to most controls, such as x, y, w, h, text, idc... can be found here.
Not all of the listed attributes might have an effect nor might the list be complete. All attributes were gathered with this config crawler.
#define CT_LINEBREAK 98

Default Classes

Arma 3
AddOns: Classes need to be initialised first with class SomeClass;
Missions: Since Arma 3 v2.02 one can use import SomeClass; to initialise a class. In older versions, use "Default" call BIS_fnc_exportGUIBaseClasses; and paste the result into the description.ext.


class RscLineBreak
 idc = -1;
 type = 98;
 shadow = 0;