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Moves the soldier into the vehicle's turret. (Immediately, without animation). turret path is an array of positions inside a turret, or positions inside a turret of a turret.
[0] means first turret, [1] means second turret.
[0,0] means first turret's first turret.
[0,1] means first turret's second turret.
[1,0] means second turret's first turret, etc.
See AI Group Vehicle Management for more information.


unitName moveInTurret [vehicle, turretPath]
unitName: Object
vehicle: Object
turretPath: Array - see Description.
Return Value:


Example 1:
_soldierOne moveInTurret [_tank, [0, 0]];

Additional Information

See also:
allTurrets fullCrew assignAsTurret moveInAny moveInCargo moveInCommander moveInDriver moveInGunner assignAsCargo assignAsCommander assignAsDriver assignAsGunner GetInTurret


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Posted on March 6, 2008
To find out which turrets are available on a vehicle, and what the syntax is, you can use this little script.
Posted on February 13, 2014
Examples for nested turrets: MainTurret =
_soldierOne moveInTurret [_tank, [0]]
CommanderTurret =
_soldierOne moveInTurret [_tank, [0, 0]]
... where: MainTurret is the standard BIS MainTurret... e.g:
class Turrets 
	class MainTurret {};

CommanderTurret is the standard BIS CommanderTurret located on the MainTurret... e.g:

class Turrets 
	class MainTurret
		class Turrets 
			class CommanderTurret {};
Posted on March 18, 2014
Here is a small function to find available turret paths for a given vehicle. It will only search 2 levels deep, hence called commonTurrets:
KK_fnc_commonTurrets = { private ["_arr","_trts"]; _arr = []; _trts = configFile / "CfgVehicles" / typeOf _this / "Turrets"; for "_i" from 0 to count _trts - 1 do { _arr set [count _arr, [_i]]; for "_j" from 0 to count ( _trts / configName (_trts select _i) / "Turrets" ) - 1 do { _arr set [count _arr, [_i, _j]]; }; }; _arr };
Example call:
hint str (vehicle player call KK_fnc_commonTurrets); // [[0],[0,0]]
See also allTurrets