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Find entities in the sphere with given radius. If typeName(s) is (are) given, only entities of given type (or its subtype) are listed. This command returns only alive entities. If you need to return dead entities as well use entities command.


position nearEntities radius
position: Object or Array (format Position) - center of the sphere
radius: Number - radius of the sphere
Return Value:
Array of Objects

Alternative Syntax

position nearEntities [typeName, radius]
position: Object or Array in format PositionAGL or Position2D - center of the sphere
[typeName, radius]: Array
typeName: String or Array of Strings - typeName(s) to search for
radius: Number - radius of the sphere
Return Value:
Array of Objects


Example 1:
_list = player nearEntities 20; _list = (position player) nearEntities 50; _list = player nearEntities ["Man", 1000]; _list = (position player) nearEntities ["LaserTarget", 3000]; _list = player nearEntities [["Car", "Motorcycle", "Tank"], 50]; _list = (position player) nearEntities [["Man", "Air", "Car", "Motorcycle", "Tank"], 200];

Additional Information

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Posted on 27 Mar, 2014
According to Code Optimisation, this function is the fastest and should be used instead of nearestObjects.

Bottom Section

Posted on February 3, 2015 - 21:30 (UTC)
Pierre MGI
This kind of functions remains FPS killer if you can't manage conditions in order to reduce operations for each entity or, to reduce the number of entities. One of the most demanding CPU/GPU resource is probably a DrawIcon3D treatment for these entities. Don't stay with a simple radius condition (disk selecting entities). Each time you can treat visible entities, as icons displaying, try to restrict this function to your screen. For example: if (((worldToScreen (visiblePosition _x)) select 0 > (0 * safezoneW + safezoneX)) && ((worldToScreen (visiblePosition _x)) select 0 <(1 * safezoneW + safezoneX))) then {...} foreach _pos nearEntities _radius