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Introduced with Armed Assault version 1.00

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Introduced in

Armed Assault


Creates a sensor (trigger) of the given type and at the given position. The type must be a class name in CfgNonAIVehicles or CfgVehicles with simulation = detector. An array containing all units that have activated the trigger is available via list triggerobj. Created triggers can be deleted using deleteVehicle.

Since Arma 3 v1.43.129935 triggers can be created locally on clients setting optional param makeGlobal to false

Since Arma 3 v1.53.132440 triggers can be disabled/enabled using enableSimulation command

Triggers are created with default params, which are:

  • a: 50.0
  • b: 50.0
  • c: -1
  • angle: 0
  • rectangular: false
  • activationBy: None
  • activationType: Present
  • repeating: false
  • timeoutMin: 0
  • timeoutMid: 0
  • timeoutMax: 0
  • interruptable: true
  • type: None
  • text: ""
  • name: ""
  • expCond: "this"
  • expActiv: ""
  • expDesactiv: ""


createTrigger [type, position, makeGlobal]
[type, position, makeGlobal]: Array
type: String - usually "EmptyDetector"
position: Position2D, Position3D or Object
makeGlobal (Optional): Boolean - locality flag (available since Arma 3 v1.43.129935)
  • true (Default) - trigger is global Effects of this scripting command are broadcasted over the network and happen on every computer in the network
  • false - trigger is local Effects of this scripting command are not broadcasted over the network and remain local to the client the command is executed on
Return Value:
Object - created trigger


Example 1:
_trg = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", getPos player]; _trg setTriggerArea [5, 5, 0, false]; _trg setTriggerActivation ["CIV", "PRESENT", true]; _trg setTriggerStatements ["this", "hint 'Civilian near player'", "hint 'no civilian near'"];
Example 2:
Open/close Bar Gate automatically: //--- init of the Bar Gate if (isServer) then { _gateTrigger = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", getPosWorld this, false]; _gateTrigger setVariable ["BarGateObj", this]; _gateTrigger setTriggerActivation ["ANYPLAYER", "PRESENT", true]; _gateTrigger setTriggerArea [5, 25, getDir this, true]; _gateTrigger setTriggerStatements [ "this", "thisTrigger getVariable ""BarGateObj"" animateSource [""Door_1_sound_source"", 1]", "thisTrigger getVariable ""BarGateObj"" animateSource [""Door_1_sound_source"", 0]" ]; };

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Posted on March 6, 2013 - 14:15 (CEST)
Calling list immediately after creating a trigger this way (and setting up activation, area, statements, timeout, etc..), will return <null> instead of an array. It seems the trigger needs about 1 second to initialise, after which it will behave as expected: returning an array of all the objects inside the trigger (the ones matching the criteria), or an empty array.

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