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Introduced with Arma 2 version 1.00
  Arguments of this scripting command have to be local to the client the command is executed onEffects of this scripting command are broadcasted over the network and happen on every computer in the network

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Introduced in

Arma 2


Switches on remote control of the unit. Command needs to be executed locally to the player. If driver is remote it will get transferred to players PC.


who remoteControl whom
who: Object -
whom: Object -
Return Value:


Example 1:
Set player remote control of driver:player remoteControl driver UAV; driver UAV switchCamera "Internal"; //switchCamera required //sometimes switchCamera is not needed player remoteControl driver UAV;
Example 2:
Return control to player:objNull remoteControl driver UAV;

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You must use switchCamera in order to remote control the unit and.
You can only remoteControl characters, e.g. if yo want to remote control a car, you have to add a driver and use
"player remoteControl driver someVehicle".
Posted on Jan 25, 2010 - 14:35 (CEST)
Lou Montana
Arma 1.05 :
  • You can remoteControl multiple units at the same time.
  • It is not needed to switchCamera to the unit to be able to control it - it is needed to be able to fire with.
  • The switchCamera is fixed : the player can't change internal/external/optics view.
  • Do not think about it like a selectPlayer : it is used to give the control to the vehicle role the unit is in.
  • SwitchCamera to the vehicle the unit is in ; the camera will go depending the role you are remoteControlling.
  • The AI driver won't follow your vehicle move orders.
  • If the player dies, the death screen will appear, not automatically turning back to the player.
  • If you want to stop the remote control, use objNull as remote controller.
  • Example :
player remoteControl driver jeep1;  // will remoteControl it, you still will have full control of the player
jeep1 switchCamera "internal";  // fix the camera to the ''vehicle'' and not to (driver jeep1) !
waitUntil { !(alive jeep1) || !(alive player) };
objNull remoteControl driver jeep1;  // removes the remoteControlling
player switchCamera "internal";  // returns to the player

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