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The Splendid™ Config Viewer is a way to access the contents of the game's current config.

The Splendid™ Config Viewer's UI in Arma 3.


The config viewer can be opened via


Classes List

On the left hand side you can find a list of all config classes that are currently loaded by the game. This includes the classes found in the main config from the base game and mods, the campaign's config and the missions's config. Selecting an entry from the list will show the attributes of the class in the right window. A plus to the left of the class indicates that it contains more subclasses. To expand it you can double click the entry. The classes are sorted alphabetically. Be aware that the list list cut off at the end. In case of long configs the last config entries can only be selected by selecting the last visible entry and then using the arrow keys to scroll further down.


Below the Classes List you can find your bookmarked configs. Double clicking on "<Bookmark selected class>" will add the currently selected entry to the list. To remove a bookmark you can select it and press Del on your keyboard. Double clicking on a bookmarked class will take you to the config. When opening the Config Viewer the following entries will be added automatically:

  • Config of the currently played unit
  • Config of the currently selected weapon
  • Config of the currently loaded magazine
  • Config of the ammunition used by the currently loaded magazine

It is not possible to delete the first two entries. To reset the bookmarks and restore the default entries you can execute the following code:

This action will also remove any bookmarks you saved!

profileNamespace setVariable ["BIS_fnc_configViewer_bookmarks", nil];

Attributes List

The right window displays the attributes of the currently selected class. The attributes are sorted alphabetically. The attributes are colored according to the data type of the attribute:

Color Data Type
Green Number
Red String
Blue Array

Some attributes are indented a bit which means that those attribute have been inherited from one of the parent classes. No indentation means that the attribute is specific or new to the config class.

Path Edit Field

The content of this edit field can be used with commands such as configClasses, configProperties, etc.. When an attribute from the right window is selected it will also display the path to it which can be used with getText, getNumber or getArray.

Parents Edit Field

This field lists all the classes that the selected class is inheriting from. It is generated by BIS_fnc_returnParents.

Preview Class

The classes from the following parent configs are supported:

  • CfgVehicles: Creates the given vehicle class at the position you are looking at
  • CfgWeapons: Creates the given weapon on the ground and also adds all magazines listed in the magazines attributes

Preview Param

You can preview the following attributes:

  • paa: If the attribute is a string and ends with "paa" it will open a window displaying the paa file
  • RGBA color: If the attribute is a 4D array consisting of numbers only it will display the color


The config viewer supports a very basic search functionality. If you focus either the classes list or the attributes list and start typing it will search for a match in the given list.

Key Effect
Go up one config level
Enter ↵ Expand the selected config

Classes List

Key Effect
Ctrl + X Copy path in viewer format
Ctrl + ⇧ Shift + X Copy path in config format
Ctrl + C Copy config name
Ctrl + ⇧ Shift + C Copy the names of the subclasses
Ctrl + V Takes you to the config previously saved to the clipboard with Ctrl + X

Attributes List

Key Effect
Ctrl + C Copies the displayed attribute
Ctrl + ⇧ Shift + C Copies the entire content of the list

Alternative Tools

Listed here are some config viewers with more options than the Splendid Config Viewer. If you created one you can add it to the list too.