Arma 3 Respawn: New Respawn Screen

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The new Respawn Screen will be released with the 1.60 update for Arma 3. The screen is based on the older version present in Arma 3 before, but it changes design of the old version and adds some new features.

 ! The screen is shown only if respawn templates MenuPosition and/or MenuInventory are used in a mission! For more info see Respawn documentation.

Main Features:

  • [NEW] Spectator Camera (requires Spectator respawn template)
  • [NEW] Autorespawn
  • [NEW] Role selection
  • [NEW] Limits
  • Position selection
  • Loadout selection
  • Loadout preview
  • Loadout details
  • Remaining respawns (requires Tickets respawn template)
  • Teammates alive

Basic Features

Spectator Camera

The Spectator Camera used in here is slightly modified (no free camera available etc.) version of Spectator Mode. For full documentation see Spectator Mode documentation.

 ! Mission designer needs to use the Spectator respawn template (see Respawn documentation), the camera is disabled otherwise.

Loadouts and Roles

The main purpose of the roles is to make things more clear and simple for player when selecting loadout. All the loadouts available in a mission are now divided into various roles.
Mission designer can use roles already created in the game config, or custom roles can be defined in description.ext file. Loadouts with no role assigned are automatically assigned to the Default role.
Loadout config example:

 class CfgRespawnInventory
      class WEST1
           displayName = "Light"; // Name visible in the menu
           icon = "\A3\Ui_f\data\GUI\Cfg\Ranks\sergeant_gs.paa"; // Icon displayed next to the name
           role = "Test";
           // Loadout definition, uses same entries as CfgVehicles classes
           weapons[] = {
           magazines[] = {
           items[] = {
           linkedItems[] = {
           uniformClass = "U_B_CombatUniform_mcam_tshirt";
           backpack = "B_AssaultPack_mcamo";
      class WEST2
           // Alternative configuration pointing to a CfgVehicles class. Loadout will be copied from it.
           vehicle = "B_soldier_AR_F"

Role config example:

 class CfgRoles
      class Test
           displayName = "Test";
           icon = "\A3\Ui_f\data\GUI\Cfg\Ranks\sergeant_gs.paa";

Note: To add any loadout as available in your mission, you need to use the BIS_fnc_addRespawnInventory function!

Item Disabling

Respawn positions, Roles and Loadouts can be disabled. This can happen automatically or can be manually called by mission designer.
Automatic Disabling

  • Unit used as respawn point is dead
  • Role/Loadout limit was reached (see Limits)

Manual Disabling
Any item in Location, Role or Loadout list can be disabled by mission designer. This is done via the BIS_fnc_showRespawnMenuDisableItem function.


One of the new features is ability to limit roles and loadouts. This way only limited number of player can use given role/loadout in a mission. This is done by optional parameters in the BIS_fnc_addRespawnInventory function.

[missionNamespace,["WEST1",5,10]] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnInventory;

First number is limit for given loadout (use 0 for no limit), second number is limit for role assigned to given loadout (use 0 for no limit).

  • Only role or only loadout can be limited at one moment, if there is limit for both, then only role uses limit.
  • If the limit definition for role is called multiple times with different numbers, then the highest number is used.

Advanced Features

Timeout disabling

Mission designer can disable the timeout used between death of a unit and opening of the respawn screen.
This can be simply achieved by setting variable BIS_RscRespawnControls_skipBlackOut to true. For original timeout set it to nil.