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Scripting Commands
Scripting Functions
Event Scripts

Respawn Types

Type is represented either by respawn ID, or by its name.

respawn = "BASE";
respawn = 3;
ID Name Description Default Templates onPlayerKilled onPlayerRespawn
0 "NONE" Show singleplayer death screen N/A Checked Unchecked
1 "BIRD" Respawn to a seagull Spectator, EndMission Unchecked Checked
2 "INSTANT" Respawn on spot where player died Instant, Counter Checked Checked
3 "BASE" Respawn on a marker(s) start by following strings:

Unit respawn

  • respawn (used only when side variant is not found)
  • respawn_west
  • respawn_east
  • respawn_guerrila
  • respawn_civilian

Vehicle respawn

  • respawn (used only when side variant is not found)
  • respawn_vehicle_west
  • respawn_vehicle_east
  • respawn_vehicle_guerrila
  • respawn_vehicle_civilian

You can have multiple markers simply by adding any text behind the name, e.g. respawn_west1, respawn_westBase etc. When no markers are defined, player is respawned on position where he started the mission. More about marker respawn can be found here. Alternatively you can also use the Respawn Position module.

Base, Counter Checked Checked
4 "GROUP" Respawn to the next available playable unit in a group. When none is left, BIRD respawn is used instead. Group, EndMission Unchecked Checked
5 "SIDE" Respawn to the next available playable unit of the same side (selected using team switch window). When none is left, BIRD respawn is used instead. Side, EndMission Unchecked Checked

Respawn Templates

Respawn Templates are case-sensitive!

Templates are pre-defined scripts called when player dies and respawns. They are defined in an array and can be combined together.

respawnTemplates[] = { "MenuInventory", "MenuPosition" };

Additionally, you can define side specific templates. When a side has no unique templates, it will use general respawnTemplates instead.

respawnTemplatesWest[] = { "MenuInventory" };
respawnTemplatesEast[] = { "Counter" };
respawnTemplatesGuer[] = { "Tickets" };
respawnTemplatesCiv[] = { "Spectator" };
respawnTemplatesVirtual[] = {}; // Virtual players, used mainly in Curator (Zeus) missions
When the respawnTemplates entry is missing, default templates based on the respawn type are used.


The respawn templates "MenuPosition" and "Spectator" are not compatible since MenuPosition will force the map open. Instead you can use the following settings to get access to the full spectator mode:

// description.ext
respawn = 3;
respawnTemplates[] = { "MenuPosition", "Spectator" };

// initPlayerLocal.sqf // --- Enable full spectator in respawn screen { missionNamespace setVariable [_x, true]; } forEach [ "BIS_respSpecAI", // Allow spectating of AI "BIS_respSpecAllowFreeCamera", // Allow moving the camera independent from units (players) "BIS_respSpecAllow3PPCamera", // Allow 3rd person camera "BIS_respSpecShowFocus", // Show info about the selected unit (dissapears behind the respawn UI) "BIS_respSpecShowCameraButtons", // Show buttons for switching between free camera, 1st and 3rd person view (partially overlayed by respawn UI) "BIS_respSpecShowControlsHelper", // Show the controls tutorial box "BIS_respSpecShowHeader", // Top bar of the spectator UI including mission time "BIS_respSpecLists" // Show list of available units and locations on the left hand side ];

Official Templates

Class Description Preview
None Singleplayer death screen. Default in singleplayer.
Spectator Spectator Mode.
Instant Currently empty.
Base Currently empty.
Group Cutscene showing a newly controlled unit.
Side Cutscene showing a newly controlled unit.
Seagull Operation Flashpoint-style seagull respawn
Wave Adjusts respawn counter so players spawns together. Wave delay is based on respawnDelay and Player's respawn time is set between 1 and 2 times respawnDelay: if respawnDelay is set to e.g 10, respawn waves happen every 10 seconds. If a player dies and the next respawn wave is in 3 seconds, the player's respawn time is set to 17 seconds to match the next wave.
SwitchPlayer ?
Tickets Use a limited respawn ticket pool for players. Pool can be applied to everyone, a side, a group or a single unit.

Use BIS_fnc_respawnTickets to update the amount of available tickets. Note that the template will have no effect if this function is never used, meaning players outside of all given pools will have infinite respawns.

TicketsSpawn ?
Counter Show a simple respawn countdown.
EndMission Automatically fail the mission once all players are dead (for NONE, BIRD, GROUP and SIDE respawn types) or when all respawn tickets are exceeded (for INSTANT and BASE respawn types with Tickets template)
MenuPosition Lets players select from available respawn positions defined either by respawn markers, see Respawn Types, by BIS_fnc_addRespawnPosition function or by the Respawn Position module. A new screen was released with Arma 3 logo black.png1.60 and brings new functionalities together with a new design.

Item disabling

A3 respawnSelectPosition.jpg

Lets players pick a respawn loadout defined in CfgRespawnInventory. Loadouts can be added using BIS_fnc_addRespawnInventory function. A new screen was released with Arma 3 logo black.png1.60 and brings new functionalities together with a new design.

Role selection

  • Respawn inventories are sorted in to Roles which can be defined in CfgRoles.

Item disabling

  • Roles and loadouts can be disabled. This can happen automatically (e.g., Role/loadout limit was reached) or can be manually by calling BIS_fnc_showRespawnMenuDisableItem.


  • Roles and loadouts can be limited. This way only limited number of player can use given role/loadout in a mission. For details on how to do that see BIS_fnc_addRespawnInventory.
A3 respawnSelectInventory.jpg

Options shared by MenuInventory and MenuPosition
Both templates feature a similar respawn UI and therefore share the following options:

  • Timeout disabling
  • Autorespawn
    • A checkbox can be ticket to let the player automatically respawn once the coundown reached 0. If disabled player is not respawned immediately, but must confirm selection by clicking on "RESPAWN" button.
  • Spectator Camera
    • The Spectator Camera used in here is slightly modified (no free camera available etc.) version of Spectator Mode. For full documentation see Spectator Mode documentation.
    • Mission designer needs to use the Spectator respawn template, the camera is disabled otherwise.

Custom Respawn Templates

New templates can be defined in global Config.cpp or in mission and campaign Description.ext files.

class CfgRespawnTemplates
	// Class used in respawnTemplates entry
	class myTag_beacon
		// Function or script executed upon death. Parameters passed into it are the same as are passed into onPlayerKilled.sqf file
		onPlayerKilled = "\myAddon\scripts\respawnBeacon.sqf";

		// Function or script executed upon respawn. Parameters passed into it are the same as are passed into onPlayerRespawn.sqf file
		onPlayerRespawn = "\myAddon\scripts\respawnBeacon.sqf";

		// Default respawn delay (can be overwitten by description.ext entry of the same name)
		respawnDelay = 20;

		// 1 to respawn player when he joins the game. Available only for INSTANT and BASE respawn types
		// Can be overridden by description.ext attribute of the same name
		respawnOnStart = 1;

		// By default onPlayerKilled and onPlayerRespawn function are spawned
		// set to 1 to run in unscheduled, called functions MUST NOT return an assignment or respawn will break
		isCall = 0;

	class Spectator
		onPlayerRespawn = "BIS_fnc_respawnSpectator";

For a template's respawnDelay to be considered, Description.ext's respawnDelay must be defined and have a negative value due to BIS_fnc_selectRespawnTemplate code.
respawnDelay = -1;

Loadouts and Roles

The main purpose of the roles is to make things more clear and simple for player when selecting loadout. All the loadouts available in a mission are now divided into various roles.
Mission designer can use roles already created in the game config, or custom roles can be defined in description.ext file. Loadouts with no role assigned are automatically assigned to the Default role.
Loadout config example:

class CfgRoles
	class Assault // Class name used in CfgRespawnInventory
		displayName = "$STR_A3_Role_Assault"; // Name of the role, displayed in the respawn menu
		icon = "a3\missions_f_exp\data\img\classes\assault_ca.paa"; // Icon shown next to the role name in the respawn screen
class CfgRespawnInventory
	class B_SquadLeader // Class of the respawn inventory, used by BIS_fnc_addRespawnInventory
		displayName = "$STR_b_soldier_sl_f0"; // Name of the respawn inventory
		role = "Assault"; // Role the respawn inventory is assigned to
		icon = "\A3\ui_f\data\map\VehicleIcons\iconManLeader_ca.paa"; // Icon shown next to the role
		show = "side group _this == west"; // Condition used to make specific respawn inventories only avaiable for specfic sides, must return [[Boolean]]
		weapons[] = { // Weapons

		magazines[] = { // Magazines

		items[] = { // Useable items

		linkedItems[] = { // Linked items, also weapon items, helmet etc.

		uniformClass = "U_B_T_Soldier_SL_F"; // uniform
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Export Function:

  • The following function will copy a complete respawn inventory to your clipboard, see function header for more information.

Author: R3vo

/* Author: R3vo Description: Retrieves loadout of unit and formats it for CfgRespawnLoadouts. Content is copied to clipboard and returned by function. Parameter(s): 0: Object - Object to take the loadout from 1: String - Class name of the respawn loadout 2: String - Display name of the respawn loadout 3: String - Icon path displayed next to display name 4: String - Loadouts are assigned to a role, possible values: "Assistant" "CombatLifeSaver" "Crewman" "Default" "Grenadier" "MachineGunner" "Marksman" "MissileSpecialist" "Rifleman" "Sapper" "SpecialOperative" "Unarmed" 5: String - Condition for the respawn loadout to be shown. Code inside string has to return boolean. _this refers to the unit inside the respawn screen Returns: String - Exports formatted loadout */ params [ ["_object", player, [objNull]], ["_class", "REPLACE", [""]], ["_displayName", "REPLACE", [""]], ["_icon", "\A3\Ui_f\data\GUI\Cfg\Ranks\sergeant_gs.paa", [""]], ["_role", "Default", [""]], ["_conditionShow", "true", [""]] ]; private _indent = " "; private _class = format ["class %1", _class]; private _displayName = format ["displayName = ""%1"";", _displayName]; private _icon = format ["icon = ""%1"";", _icon]; private _role = format ["role = ""%1"";", _role]; private _conditionShow = format ["show = ""%1"";", _conditionShow]; private _uniformClass = format ["uniformClass = ""%1"";", uniform _object]; private _backpack = format ["backpack = ""%1"";", backpack _object]; private _export = _class + endl + "{" + endl + _indent + _displayName + endl + _indent + _icon + endl + _indent + _role + endl + _indent + _conditionShow + endl + _indent + _uniformClass + endl + _indent + _backpack + endl; private _weapons = weapons _object; private _primWeaponItems = primaryWeaponItems _object; private _secWeaponItems = secondaryWeaponItems _object; private _assignedItems = assignedItems _object; // From BIS_fnc_exportLoadout START private _fnc_addArray = { params ["_name", "_array"]; _export = _export + format [_indent + "%1[] = {", _name]; { if (_foreachindex > 0) then {_export = _export + ", ";}; _export = _export + format ["""%1""", _x]; } foreach _array; _export = _export + "};" + endl; }; ["weapons", _weapons + ["Throw", "Put"]] call _fnc_addArray; ["magazines", magazines _object] call _fnc_addArray; ["items", items _object] call _fnc_addArray; ["linkedItems", [vest _object, headgear _object, goggles _object] + _assignedItems - _weapons + _primWeaponItems + _secWeaponItems] call _fnc_addArray; // From BIS_fnc_exportLoadout END _export = _export + "};" + endl + "// visit for detailed information"; copyToClipboard _export; _export;

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Loadouts are only available after they were added with the BIS_fnc_addRespawnInventory function!

Restore Loadout on Respawn

Respawn with Original Loadout

In order to let players respawn with the gear with which they started the mission, create an initPlayerLocal.sqf file in the mission directory (if it does not exist already) and add the following code:


player setVariable ["TAG_StartLoadout", getUnitLoadout player]; player addEventHandler ["Respawn", { private _loadout = player getVariable "TAG_StartLoadout"; if (!isNil "_loadout") then { player setUnitLoadout _loadout; }; }];

Respawn with Death Loadout

The following code makes the player respawn with the loadout they had on death:


player addEventHandler ["Killed", { player setVariable ["TAG_DeathLoadout", getUnitLoadout player]; }]; player addEventHandler ["Respawn", { private _loadout = player getVariable "TAG_DeathLoadout"; if (!isNil "_loadout") then { player setUnitLoadout _loadout; }; }];