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Introduced with Arma 3 version 1.62
  Arguments of this scripting function don't have to be local to the client the function is executed onEffects of this scripting function are not broadcasted over the network and remain local to the client the function is executed on

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Introduced in

Arma 3


Adds an action to an object which requires the user to hold a key to perform the action.


[target,title,idleIcon,progressIcon,condShow,condProgress,codeStart,codeProgress,codeCompleted,codeInterupted,arguments,duration,priority,removeCompleted,showUncon] call BIS_fnc_holdActionAdd
target: Object - Object the action is attached to
title: String - Title of the action shown in the action menu
idleIcon: String - Pathi of the idle icon shown on screen. The path for vanilla icons is "\a3\ui_f\data\IGUI\Cfg\holdactions\..." (e.g. "holdAction_connect_ca.paa")
progressIcon: String - Path of the progress icon shown on screen
condShow: String - Condition for the action to be shown. Special variables passed to the script code are _target (unit to which action is attached to) and _this (caller/executing unit)
condProgress: String - Condition for the action to progress.If false is returned action progress is halted; arguments passed into it are: _target, _caller, _id, _arguments
codeStart: Code - Code executed when action starts.
0: Object - target (_this select 0) - the object which the action is assigned to
1: Object - caller (_this select 1) - the unit that activated the action
3: Number - ID (_this select 2) - ID of the activated action (same as ID returned by addAction)
4: Array - arguments (_this select 3) - arguments given to the script if you are using the extended syntax
codeProgress: Code - Code executed on every progress tick; arguments [target, caller, ID, arguments, currentProgress]; max progress is always 24
codeCompleted: Code - Code executed on completion; arguments [target, caller, ID, arguments]
codeInterupted: Code - Code executed on interrupted; arguments [target, caller, ID, arguments]
arguments: Array - Arguments passed to the scripts
duration: Number - Action duration; how much time it takes to complete the action
priority: Number - Priority; actions are arranged in descending order according to this value
removeCompleted: BOOL - Remove on completion (default: true)
showUncon: BOOL -Show in unconscious state (default: false)
Return Value:
Number - Action ID


Example 1:
[player, "Kill", "", "", "true", "true", { hint "Started!" }, { systemChat str (_this select 4) }, { player setDamage 1 }, { hint "Afraid of death?" }, [], 10, nil, true, false] call BIS_fnc_holdActionAdd;
Example 2:
[ _myLaptop, // Object the action is attached to "Hack Laptop", // Title of the action "\a3\ui_f\data\IGUI\Cfg\holdactions\holdAction_connect_ca.paa", // Idle icon shown on screen "\a3\ui_f\data\IGUI\Cfg\holdactions\holdAction_connect_ca.paa", // Progress icon shown on screen "_this distance _target < 3", // Condition for the action to be shown "_caller distance _target < 3", // Condition for the action to progress {}, // Code executed when action starts {}, // Code executed on every progress tick {_this call MY_fnc_hackingCompleted}, // Code executed on completion {}, // Code executed on interrupted [], // Arguments passed to the scripts as _this select 3 12, // Action duration [s] 0, // Priority true, // Remove on completion false // Show in unconscious state ] remoteExec ["BIS_fnc_holdActionAdd", [0,2] select isDedicated, _myLaptop]; // example for MP compatible implementation

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Bottom Section

Posted on November 4, 2017 - 13:40 (UTC)
Lou Montana
Here's a list of all official icons so far (v1.76) :
  • "\a3\ui_f\data\IGUI\Cfg\holdactions\holdAction_connect_ca.paa"
  • "\a3\ui_f\data\IGUI\Cfg\holdactions\holdAction_forceRespawn_ca.paa"
  • "\a3\ui_f\data\IGUI\Cfg\holdactions\holdAction_hack_ca.paa"
  • "\a3\ui_f\data\IGUI\Cfg\holdactions\holdAction_revive_ca.paa"
  • "\a3\ui_f\data\IGUI\Cfg\holdactions\holdAction_reviveMedic_ca.paa"
  • "\a3\ui_f\data\IGUI\Cfg\holdactions\holdAction_search_ca.paa"
  • "\a3\ui_f\data\IGUI\Cfg\holdactions\holdAction_takeOff1_ca.paa"
  • "\a3\ui_f\data\IGUI\Cfg\holdactions\holdAction_takeOff2_ca.paa"
  • "\a3\ui_f\data\IGUI\Cfg\holdactions\holdAction_unbind_ca.paa"