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This page has been created to help you find the appropriate commands when you are dealing with specific scripting situations (e.g. all commands that have to do with triggers, or to control unit behaviour, etc.).

Keep in mind that there can be cases where certain commands may appear in more than one category.


Set, define and use Triggers and Event Handlers.
(e.g. addEventHandler, createTrigger, setTriggerArea)


Objectives, tasks and notes.
(e.g. createSimpleTask, setTaskState, createDiaryRecord)

Camera Control

Camera functions for intros, outros and cut-scenes.
(e.g. camCreate, camSetDir)

Curator (Zeus)

Setting up Zeus rules and interface.
(e.g. curatorAddons, assignCurator)

Editor Control

Functions to interact with editor.
(e.g. insertEditorObject, updateObjectTree, execEditorScript, fromEditor)


Control the environment's weather, time, etc.
(e.g. setFog, setRain)


Read and set group formations and members.
(e.g. formation, group, units)

GUI Control

Customize the look of the main menus in the game.
(e.g. buttonAction, ctrlShow, lbPicture)


On-screen messages, dialogs, menus.
(e.g. hint, titleText, showGPS)


Create, define, use and manipulate locations.
(e.g. createLocation, nearestLocation, setSize)


Set, define and use markers.
(e.g. createMarker, getMarkerType, setMarkerPos)


Boolean, basic math and trigonometry functions.
(abs, atan, sin)

Mission Information

Read and set parameters for the current mission.
(e.g. addRating, forceEnd, score)


Commands that are specific to Multiplayer games.
(e.g. enableTeamSwitch, onPlayerConnected)

Object Information

Find out things about your troops and other objects.
(e.g. alive, combatMode, fuel, isEngineOn, nearestObject)

Object Manipulation

Create and define troops and other objects.
(e.g. createVehicle, setBehaviour, setDamage)

Program Flow

Commands to define loops, conditions, and jumps inside scripts.
(e.g. exec, do, forEach, goto)

Radio Control

Control radio availability and messages.
(e.g. enableRadio, groupChat, vehicleRadio)


Read and set unit affiliations.
(e.g. captive, countEnemy, friendly)


Control in-game sounds.
(e.g. fadeMusic, playSound, say)

System Commands

Commands that deal with the game as a whole.
(e.g. benchmark, cadetMode, loadFile, saveGame)

Unit Control

Controls the behaviour of your troops.
(e.g. action, addWaypoint, commandFire, doMove, setHideBehind)


Commands to handle arrays and other variables.
(e.g. format, count, isNull, select)

Vehicle Assignment

Vehicle related commands.
(e.g. allowGetIn, assignAsCargo, moveInDriver)


Commands to handle waypoints.
(e.g. addWaypoint, deleteWaypoint)


Weapon related commands.
(e.g. addMagazine, ammo, weapons)